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Feedback on new music video for a club

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#1 Guest_.:morpher:._*

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Posted 06 January 2004 - 08:53 PM

Hi I'm currently working on a party video for a club and would like to have some feedback from you- especially for the cutting. The title sequence and the end will be changed, but I think the cutting is done.

Here are the links:
www.morpher.de/pics/part_4_pre_final_cd.mov33 MB

www.morpher.de/pics/part_4_pre_final_cd.wmv29 MB

u have to download the quicktime video with RMB, because if you view it in the browser it stops downloading after ca. 60 percent (don't know why...)

thx in advance,


#2 Guest_firemind_*

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Posted 07 January 2004 - 06:21 PM

Tho I'm not a fan of rigorously cutting to the beat, that could've been done a lot more here, the cuts feel random and except for a few areas here and there there's no feel the video was cut to fit the music. Frankly after about 1/3 in I got bored and started to skip ahead, if some kind of narrative or second location/situation had been used that might have maintained my interest.

Dance/party vids like this scream for some color correction, boost the alure and glamour as much as you can. It has a green harsh DV look to it that just isn't very attractive. Tint some scenes with varying colors, it really needs something to keep it from being bland.

#3 Guest_.:morpher:._*

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Posted 07 January 2004 - 08:37 PM

thx for the criticism!
I will work on the points that you mentioned. I just lost a bit the focus after watching all the source footage over and over...

The color correction is a good point- do you know a good tutorial or documentation about color correction?

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