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5man - Cinema 4D rig ( white character)

07 May 2016 - 06:25 PM

Hey guys!

Ok it's finally done. ( forgot to post here)

5Man – Milk man or just plain white 3d character that is often used to hold things in images on the internet.

This Cinema4D rig was carefully crafted from the finest polygons and joints that i found in the depths of various menus and button dropdowns. It was meticulously refined over the course of many months until it finally emerged from the platters of my hard drive to grace the interwebs for eternity.

But seriously, i spent a lot of time making this guy, look nice, feel nice and deform nice, so that you don’t have to.

Hope you enjoy using him as much as i enjoyed making him.

If you have any trouble or concerns or suggestions be sure to reach out to me :)


Oh yeah, and as a celebration of this being done ( it took me waaay too long) I want to offer you guys $30 off if you buy in the next  week or so:)
Coupon code: mograph





Attaching objects to leaves in forester.

12 April 2016 - 03:45 PM


@brasco do you think it’s possible to track or attach an object to the leaf or branch of the tree?
I know you can use the Attachments option - but that’s random
I’m trying to export a null for tracking for one leaf

So, get your null place it via vertex snapping onto the target vertex
add a Constraint Tag
Clamp > Point
Drag the tree into the Target field




Ah there we go - Generators 499 gets it done





Media for small business

07 April 2016 - 01:26 PM

Do your relatives/friends ask you for help with designing logos, because they think you work in graphic design? Because they think its all one job?


Well i do. So i decided to write an article about, instead of writing emails about it all the time.


then i also decided to cover websites, business cards etc...


i think it also may help people who are about to go freelance in our industry as well as any other one where you don't design logos :D


Hope its helpful:


Are you undercharging?

30 March 2016 - 08:06 AM

It started with a simple enough question on slack, and then a couple of people expanded, i said the simple:




if you're asking the questions " am i charging enough?" 99% chance you are not charging enough, so start charging more.


But then Others contributed more valuable info:




Sometimes when you are starting out and you don't have a firm ground of clients to stand on pricing is your only selling point  or maybe how many weekends you are willing to work ... It is not how things are supposed to be but it is how they become
Sadly the prices and expectations being thrown around lately are too unrealistic and although the client will eventually find someone to do it it will not be worth it for the one doing the work
I have my day job and I only partially freelance .. last month I took the conscious decision to stop on taking over demanding projects .. I have my monthly salary to fall on .. I will only take projects that are worth it
so now I already doubled my daily and hourly rate and when I am asked for a quote I add even more to that .. I want to work more on my stuff and get to the point where I will be approached because only I can do what the client wants to do
that will give me leverage and power to be more than just an expense .. I will be added value





The funny thing is (in my experience and others' anecdotes) is when you think you are being risky by upping your rates, that's when you start getting busier. It's like the complete opposite result of what you've been scared of.



I thought i'd just post this here if people are searching for this info. And just to add a bit more from myself.


This is how i learnt the hard way that i was undercharging. I was working on a stressful poor paying gig, when i was contacted by someone else to do a job, but i said i couldn't because i was already working for the next 2 weeks and was on site. This has happened before, but unlike those times, where the people just left me alone, this guy kept offering me more money. The next day he emailed me offering me 3x what i was getting at this current job and it would've been WAY more fun. I of course still didn't take it, but i realized these are the jobs i would rather be doing. And by raising my rates, i was increasing my availability, so i both had more free time, but i also had more opportunity to turn down shitty jobs, since i had extra money from the higher rates. and then i used that free time to get better at what i do, learn new things and explore possibilities, which just leads to me being better, and more valuable to my clients. 


so moral of the story: "Raise your rates" :)

Shader effector tutorial and block terrain tutorial

24 March 2016 - 07:17 PM

keep forgetting to post these here.

Do you still use the random effector for adding randomness? Do you want more control over your randomness? well this is your answer smile.gif







And here is the terrain tutorial: