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In Topic: Area Shadows looking ugly on close geometry (Cinema 4D)

24 April 2012 - 10:33 PM

You sir, have an anti-aliasing problem.
When ever you have thin strips of high contrast that start stepping and blending together this should be the first place to look.

bump up the min level to :2x2
and the max level to: 8x8
and then lower the threshold to around 2.5 - 5%

Prepare for longer render times.
I went from 1:23 to 2:24
Now as a proper sell, dropping the exact same scene into the physical renderer produces a render time of 0:08

One thing you may want to do is ditch sinc as the AA method and choose a filter that is faster / has less sharpening...unless it is really needed.

Ok - sounds good - I´ll give it a try. To be honest I only tried the AA methods sinc and still frame, but did never touch the threshhold.
Is there a way to force the extra AA only on the problematic layers via a tag or so? I thoiught I saw that some where but maybee I mix it up with the motionblur tag...

In Topic: Area Shadows looking ugly on close geometry (Cinema 4D)

21 April 2012 - 06:40 PM

I just uploaded a picture describing the Problem and a scenfile:

http://dl.dropbox.co...Area Shadow.jpg

In Topic: Area Shadows looking ugly on close geometry (Cinema 4D)

21 April 2012 - 05:52 PM

Have you experimented with the ray threshold in teh render settings' options section?


Good Idea - but it made no difference if I had choosen 0,50 or 100 percent.
If I set the shadowdepth to 0 the bad effect is gonne - but at 1it is fully back.

In Topic: Area Shadows looking ugly on close geometry (Cinema 4D)

21 April 2012 - 03:10 PM

Are they grainy/noisey? I had this problem recently overcome it by changing Ray Depth and Shadow Depth from 15 to 6 and the ShadowMin Samples to 15 and Max Samples 75, Accuracy 100, Transparency Checked.

Damn - it didnt help. No difference at all...

Increase the samples on the lights, not in the general rendering settings.


I doubled it form 40 to 80 samples - no visual difference.

As a workaround I excluded the Pages from the area shadows and relight them instead with a little GI. It s not perfect but so I can keep those nicer area shadows for the environment and the pages are now lit with a soft gi.
It seems the only solution right now...

In Topic: back of book - binding pages in Cinema 4D

02 April 2012 - 03:27 PM

Can't really think of an easy way to do this. You probably need some null objects parented to the back of the pages and connect them through the Tracer. Then you would have a profile for an Extrude NURBS or whatever. Similarly, you could of course pin an existing spline with a matching number of points via XPresso to the world positions of the parented Nulls...


That is a good Idea with the tracer.I am using a Mograph cloner for replicating one already animated pageflip but I can´t figure out how to connect the Nulls onto the via Mograph cloned/animated pages. Do you think there is a way with mograph clones?