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In Topic: Overbearing clients?

02 November 2016 - 08:09 PM

Carey, thanks for your response.


I think you totally nailed it. A lot of agencies (at least here in germany) are scarred of loosing customers. So they decide to follow stupid design decisions. And if the product got bad test results (which is another can of worms) they can argument "we are sorry for the results - but thats exactly what you told us to do". But to me (from a designing/creativ standpoint ) it is even worse if the product is tested average or even good . The customer will ALWAYS argument to follow his ideas of "design" because the test showed such great results, so it can´t be wrong...


The "my wife doesn't like blue, so no blue" issue is another brainfuck that happens much to much.

Shit got real nowadays, even the customers are scarred of their own bosses so they try to avoid "errors" they made in earlier projects. "Oh my Boss didn´t like A from another Project and B had to be bigger. So please - never use A again and make B always bigger in upcoming projects"...


To me it sometimes feels like building a fucked up chair with three legs and the customer goes "yeah, its a bit shakey, but please loose the third leg because I don´t like the number 3..." 

Anyway, maybe those are the chairs of the future. I could even build one with just one leg -  customer just has to flip it 180, and stick it in his arse. 


Now THAT makes sense to me  :D




Now I feel better...