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Music video Direction

24 December 2011 - 03:23 AM

Ok guys, first off everybody has been really helpfull so far in making some prior decisions...so I thought I'd run this by.

The direction that I want to go in the industry is to be doing strictly music videos. What would be the best route to get there.

Right now I only have a small background in AE and PP, I have tutorials that I am working through and I have a great motivated artistic mind.

Should I attend a school, or save the money for equipment? Right now I have decided to be saving my money for equipment, becuase 1. I'm not a big school person. 2. I am highly motivated.

The only downside is if I have questions....I don't really know who to ask. (except you guys). But I tend to stick to the larger questions for you guys.

So what do you think?

AND>>>>>Happy Hollidays>>>>Take A BREAK!>>>>>> You've Earned IT!

The Art Institute of Portland Question?

12 December 2011 - 01:16 AM

Hey everybody, I am a new member here. I have been referred to this site and have been researching this topic but couldn't find to much information.

My question to anybody that has experience or knowledge of the art institute of Portland, SCAD, and any other colleges that may be relevant.

I want to get into visual effects and motion graphics. I would like to learn everything that there is in this field.

I have not yet paid for my classes at The Art Institute of Portland, and since I will be spending so much money on college...maybe there is a better option out there. I understand if you work hard at something you can become great at it...but I am more interested in knowing the best educational route.

I am 23 years old, and have now decided this is a field I would love. I have already gotten all of my General Education credits out of the way.

Should I stay Locally at The Art Institute of Portland, or relocate to Atlanta to go to SCAD? Either way I will need to pay for Room/Board/Working/Paying for School. I am from Portland so it wouldn't be a big change staying here and I think ultimately be cheaper.

Here is a link to The Portland Art Institutes's program curriculum, and also a link to SCAD program curriculum.

Thanks for any help anybody can give...I could use it.

p.s. I saw a posting the other day about people bouldering...I love bouldering.
p.s.s. I have researched a lot, and really i think I just need to ask this question directly because the curriculum is different at every Art Institute, and so is the director.

http://www.artinstit...pdf/Catalog.pdf Please scroll down to the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Program and for a description of the courses go all the way down to the end
http://www.artinstit...s-bfa-7512.aspx how much it will cost

http://www.scad.edu/...#programButtons The curriculum
http://www.scad.edu/...#programButtons The courses descriptions