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mograph.net hosting renewal

10 November 2013 - 08:04 PM

We made it!! I'm in deadline crunch mode atm, but will look into upgrading this weekend. According to tech support it *should* be a smooth transition...



Hey folks, the yearly bill for the hosting of mograph.net is around the corner. With text ad revenue basically drying up to nothing, I ended up footing the bill ($120) last year, but I can't really afford to do it again this year.


If you make use of mograph.net and find it useful, please consider helping out with the hosting costs via this link:




Sadly 10 bucks is the minimum amount they'll accept :(


All funds will go directly to hosting, I don't receive a penny, never have.








Thanks to multiple donations we have hosting for another year! 

However donations are still highly welcome! If we can get the total amount up to $360 (currently at $260) we can move up to hosting with reserved memory for the next two years, meaning less slowness & 500 internal errors! Oh, I'll also be turning off text ads, we won't be needing them :)