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In Topic: CC 2015 Unstoppable Previews

31 July 2015 - 07:16 PM

I wouldn't say unstoppable for me...but definitely finicky here.  They've attempted to make preview playback and rendering separate from using the interface...so you can adjust things while it's playing (as opposed to the way it used to work, where the preview would stop if you clicked anywhere or hit a key).  So I'm wondering if that behavior is over-riding stopping a preview?  


I still prefer numpad+0 to kick off a preview, and it seems I have to hit it several times to stop it.  (2 or 3)

In Topic: After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) is available.

22 June 2015 - 07:04 PM

Yeah thanks Todd. I kept my 2014 AE intact...but apparently missed that on the media encoder.  This will get me back in business for now.  


I'm thinking the issue I'm having with this file in 2015 is the continuous rasterization of an AI file that is being used as a 3D layer.   I fly the camera through it, which means it is creating a monstrous pixel resolution on the fly.  I remember this being a problem in an earlier 2014 version, but it eventually got addressed.  Hoping this can be addressed quickly with 2015's new architecture as this is a workflow I use a lot.  (Vector art from AI brought in and turned into 3D layers)


Sorry for dilluting your thread. I'll take this to the Adobe forum.

In Topic: After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) is available.

22 June 2015 - 06:42 PM

It appears to have something to do with continuous rasterization of an AI file.  If I uncheck the continuous rasterize tick box, the error goes away inside After Effects while doing a ram preview...however I'm still getting a failed render in media encoder.


The error log says "unkown error"


This is why I need to be on AE Beta. hint, hint.


Sorry to dilute your announcement thread.  If there is another place I can take this, please point me in that direction.

In Topic: After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) is available.

22 June 2015 - 06:38 PM


We're using more RAM in the new architecture, so I'd expect to see some additional messages about inadequate memory on systems with low RAM that didn't occur in the previous version.

So is 32 GB not sufficient anymore??


This is a very simple scene...  And since the 2015 install wiped out my 2014 media encoder (no apparent choice to save that one from being wiped as it is part of the AE install) I now have to take an intermediate step of rendering to ProRes from 2014, then bring into media encoder to re-encode to the proper formats.


If this new architecture won't work on 32 GB then it is effectively wiping out a large percentage of users who are on iMacs.  Nearly every agency I go to is using iMacs as their workstations.  


Not complaining...just need to know what we're up against here.

In Topic: [After Effects] Output vector files

22 June 2015 - 05:49 PM

If this functionality is important to you, do it in Flash and import the .swf into AE for comping.

It won't be *editable* in AE, but works great