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In Topic: Hackintosh, PC, or stick w/ Mac?

03 February 2016 - 09:07 PM

Here's my spec, a few hours before I start pulling the trigger:


CPU: i7 4900k

Motherboard: Asus Z97-Deluxe ATX

GPU: GeForce 980 Ti


Then DDR 3-1866 memory, 1000w power supply, Phanteks case, liquid CPU cooler, 2 512gb SSDs and a 3TB HDD. 


I explored exotic options like PCIe SSDs (wish those were possible) and SSD raids. They introduce complications beyond what I think my builder and I can surmount. Also, for now, if it's a Hackintosh, it stays a generation behind. The i7 6700 isn't working yet, nor are X99 boards. 

In Topic: Hackintosh, PC, or stick w/ Mac?

29 January 2016 - 10:06 PM

Hey, indecision? I can out-Hamlet you there: I started looking into this in 2013, got a bid and shelved it. Looked again in 2014, got a bid, shelved it. Not surprisingly, that vendor no longer returns my emails. 



But this time I'm pulling the trigger. I remember waiting on rumors of this and that, but I'm keeping my FOMO in check and diving in. I'll be going a little lighter than your setup, definitely not so many SSDs. The main thing is, NVIDIA, because of Octane. 

In Topic: Hackintosh, PC, or stick w/ Mac?

28 January 2016 - 04:17 AM

Hey JCrash, loop back and tell us how things went.