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In Topic: Honeycomb shape in AE

24 November 2014 - 09:00 AM

Look at you lovely people, with your readymade solutions. Tried the shape layer repeaters, the hextex, and mylenium's ballsy custom rig. Pretty great. But indeed, it's probably going to have to be a C4D mograph solution, I fear.

In Topic: Stupidly large screen

16 November 2014 - 07:30 AM

At a certain point, if it's still sitting on your desk, the actual size of the monitor is so big that you find your eyes and head ping-ponging from one side of it to the other just to follow your mouse. And the distortion at the edges, just due to your extreme viewing angle, isn't helpful either. So there's sort of a useful limit to desktop monitor real estate unless you have the deepest desk in existence. The second monitor setup is still a neck-swiveling solution, but if you have all of your important stuff directly in front, and accessories/palettes off to the side, it's pretty decent. I think the situation where a 40"+ monitor is helpful is when you're mirroring on-screen content for an audience, like in an edit or flame bay.


4k and 5k monitors are availalble now, and at sizes that are still pretty useful. They're not dirt cheap, but if precision matters to you, and it should, that's probably going to work out better than a huge bargain basement screen.

In Topic: this week's visual piece ...

12 October 2014 - 02:56 AM

I really like the quality of the imagery. What sort of techniques are you using for the datamoshing?


I think you'd get a lot more mileage out of the images you're creating if you considered more what each image means in the context of those surrounding it. You know, creating a progression... a narrative, however loose. What you have now is really a sequence of random images of war and some stuff about worship in one section. But they don't really seem to mean much together. And the glitch is so evenly applied to everything, that everything tastes the same. And of course that's fine, it certainly works as background visual accompaniment for your live shows, but once it's played as a standalone short film or music video, presented as something to be seen start to finish, the viewer is going to require a little more out of the experience.

In Topic: Anyone ever successfully raised a rate with a client?

07 October 2014 - 03:02 AM

then again, that may just be how it works out here in SF.


It's the same everywhere. Or at least anywhere that a client can benefit from hiring someone with more skill. If it's worth it to them, they'll pay it. That said, there's kind of an average ceiling for most positions, where clients (especially studios, who hire lots of people for similar positions) stop seeing added value for higher rates. But that's a pretty mushy ceiling. The highest rates seem to be in staff positions for really fucking good designers in high demand. The kind of people who clearly elevate a studio.


You know for sure you can raise your rate with a client when you're not afraid to lose them. Otherwise, it's kind of a gut feeling and a gamble.

In Topic: AE World 2014

06 October 2014 - 11:31 PM

I'm probably opening a can of worms here but really, is Adobe that bad? They're not exactly funding Mexican cartels are they?


No. We talk about and treat businesses like they're singular people, with personalities and integrities and varying interests. But businesses are social structures, organized to create value in various ways. Sometimes they're valuable to a small select few, and sometimes to a huge number of people. Sometimes they steal value from one to give to another. Sometimes they take one resource to make another. Given that their purpose is to create more value, many times these tradeoffs get out of hand and result in bad externalities. Adobe isn't really a company that inherently generates externalities (it doesn't gain much by polluting or killing or overusing resources). Its value is generated mostly by labor, and the value it generates is mostly in helping other people generate more value (tools for making stuff). But it's still subject to its drive to shift more value (money) to its owners and shareholders, and in attempting to do so sometimes it's gonna try some shit that doesn't benefit everyone. The creative cloud solution has all kinds of benefits and drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks for adobe. As a customer, for me it's the other way around, and I'm unwilling to drink that Kool-aid, but that doesn't make it a bad company. It's just self-interested and short-sighted, as almost all companies are, and it's extremely difficult under current corporate law for a corporation to be anything but. On the whole, Adobe has created a shit-ton of value for everyone without doing much damage. Photoshop is part of the cultural lexicon now, and no animal testing even had to be done.