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In Topic: New Showreel

07 April 2017 - 06:36 PM

Yeah, I think almost everyone who does this understands the intensity of working on something like that, and the need to step away for a while. It's seriously no small feat.


I really do hope the videos are helping so far. I'm working on the next one pretty much every day, but like your reel opener, i'm making every aspect of it so it takes forever. Conception, recording a project, writing writing writing editing writing editing writing, recording audio, editing audio, ideating and creating examples, editing video... it's a laundry list. I'll most likely step away for a while when it's done. It's just all around good to take a breather when you've put that much into a thing.

In Topic: New Showreel

07 April 2017 - 02:34 AM

Hey no problem, I hope it helps.

You definitely have a variety of work, and I think it's a little inconsistent from piece to piece, but it's clearly stronger on the 2D side. There's some 3d work in there that's maybe confidence-building, like the spinning tv and diamond ring, but the other 3d-centric pieces are dragging that down. By contrast, your 2d work is largely much better executed, and I think with the exception of the Intelligent Life cut, it's lookin pretty good. And I think it goes without saying that the editing is great. ;)


And with regard to that opener, it feels like it's 90% there in most aspects. It's just that we're all competing in that last 10%, so you might be a WAY faster runner than the average dude, but the dudes you're actually racing are still a few feet ahead, and that's all that matters. If you can give your girl some expressive facial characteristics, get that mouth movin like it's making words, and get her hand feelin like it's not robotic, you can take this from a negative to a positive. The question is: what kind of jobs are you goin after? Do you want character-based jobs? Because you're gonna want to cater more to that interest throughout the reel. And that's doable, but again, it's a tall order to take on the full 3d pipeline so you've really set yourself a task, but you're 90% of the way there, and if you're intent on sending the message that you're all about character animation you may have to stretch to pull off the bits that really matter in making it work.


Remember that when people go looking for someone to hire, they typically go for the person who mostly does exactly what they need done. Like, you don't want your general practition doctor doing your open heart surgery, you want a heart surgeon. It's a little different if we're talkin about staff jobs at studios, where there will be generalist positions to fill. But if you're trying to get freelance work from studios or clients, they're likely lookin for the guy who demonstrates an ability to solve their exact problem. So ideally you curate your reel to appeal in a particular way. Your current reel is a little of this and a little of that, so if you can find the thread that makes the reel cohesive and identifiable, you'll be sending a clearer message about who should hire you.

In Topic: New Showreel

06 April 2017 - 05:14 AM

Hey man! I really love the format, eg) cutting back to the girl singing the song in her bedroom. It's super fun and your camera work and edits around her are pretty awesome. On the downside, character design and character animation have to be REALLY fucking good in a motion design reel or they tend to become a liability. And, for me personally, I think that's the case here. The problem is, it's a taaaaaaall fuckin order to pull off every specialty in the 3d pipeline by yourself, triply so for character design and animation. That's a ballsy move, and I double salute you. I just don't think it's working to your advantage, in all honesty. Maybe, maaaaaaybe if you took out the thing with the family sharing gifts... because when you show me that, you've made my doubts stronger. I do love the idea of this format, but aspects of the execution could potentially send the wrong message. If you nail that animation, this could be really great!

In Topic: How to start the process

06 April 2017 - 04:42 AM

You're kind of asking a set of somewhat related questions, so there's probably a combination of things goin on that make it difficult.


The first is that if you're coming up with ideas for things you'd like to make, but find you don't have the skills, that's either an opportunity to learn some skills (which you're apparently trying) or is an opportunity to figure out another way to do it that you can actually handle. Like, ok, I want to make a Transformers movie on my own... but I don't have $180M to spend. Can I make it as a flip book instead? Can I make each character be a square and just use the "transforming" sound and the squares turn into different shapes? Can I do it by hand animating construction paper cutouts like they used to make South Park? Yeah, absolutely. And I'll totally discover some things doing it any of those ways that I would never have thought of or appreciated before.


The second is this cognitive effect that comes into play when you watch tutorials. Tutorials, cooking shows, DIY shows, etc. all show other people completing tasks easily and in short order, and when you watch them, your brain actually gets a pretty satisfying little hit not only learning something easily, but of actually feeling accomplished. Like you did the task that they did. They may tell you how to do something specific, but you'll rarely then feel compelled to do it yourself because there's a tiny part of your brain that's goin "yeah, but you kinda did cuz you watched them do it. Yeah, we did it, bro! We worked hard already! No worries!" So when you watch tutorials, you have to watch them with the explicit intent to derive an answer to a problem you're facing so that you can keep making progress toward your goal.


Which leads to the third: You probably think you have an "idea", but you probably don't. You probably have some vague inspiration. What you need is a clearly defined goal. Not everyone needs a clearly defined goal. Some people can find their destination by wandering. But your problem is that you can't even find a road yet, let alone a destination, so you need get really really REALLY clear about exactly what you want to end up with when all is said and done. "A cool animation" does not qualify in the least as a goal. Whatever you're gonna say your slightly more specific idea is, I guarantee you can get 10x more specific about it. And when you do, it'll help you start figuring out various paths to get there, and how feasible each of them is, and so forth. 


I've posted these videos I made a bunch, but they might be really helpful for you. They're not tutorials ;) 


In Topic: School of Motion Graduates ?

21 March 2017 - 10:57 PM

I just looked at http://www.mographmentor.com and it looks expensive, but not quite art school expensive. Would be interesting to hear if anyone's gone through that, as well.