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In Topic: Laptop buying advice (for ae & c4d work)

Today, 08:17 PM

Well that sounds promising! I can always render on my tower if I need to.. Guess I just wanted to make sure that it held up with most other things (well enough). I'm considering getting a used 2013 model and save a few hundred bucks - 15" Retina 2.7 GHz 16gb ram. 

I guess I should say I don't know jack about the PC world anymore, so I can't compare at all. And I don't think there's been a 15" mbpro update since late 2013 anyway, which might mean they'll refresh them around september, if that means anything. Pretty easy to get them new online with no tax or shipping.

In Topic: Laptop buying advice (for ae & c4d work)

Today, 07:12 PM

As any laptop, Macbook Pro probably isn't the c4d renderbeast you'd be used to, but it is clearly the best purchase I've ever made. The whole retina display is kind of wasted because hardly anything seems to utilize it, but the guts of this thing are ridiculous for something you can throw in a backpack. I do everything on it, without limitation. Then again, I'm not popping off 4k vray renders, but I imagine if you were, you'd be render farming it. Mine is getting on 2 years old and I have no thoughts of upgrading. 

In Topic: "No fuckhead you're a roller coaster designer"

Today, 07:04 PM

Well, Sagmeister has long been a deliberate pot-stirrer, which is why he's known, and this marks no change. This is for FITC, the theme of which this year is apparently "crafted stories: branded storytelling", so the rant is almost cartoonishly antagonistic of him. And of course there's some truth in there, or it wouldn't be antagonistic. There ARE a lot of inflated titles, and randomly-applied buzzwords, and puffed-up people, but that goes without saying. He is, however, making an embittered assertion that equates to "only some people get to be called artists." And of course that's self-important crap in itself, but that's how he gets you riled up. No, of course there's no committee that decides who qualifies as an artist/storyteller, and no, Sagmeister is not on it. He's on the committee of his own self-exposure, and he does a pretty good job of it.

In Topic: Video about composition

21 July 2014 - 12:53 AM

Since you are taking requests, mine would be for your thoughts on the nebulous world of color theory.


I'd have to learn color theory first. I mostly wing it. Probably gonna have to figure it out eventually, though, and then all your dreams may come truuuuuue! If someone wants to teach me, I'll make an extra extra dumb video about it.


So at what point in your vid making career do you think we'll have to see your mug at the beginning of the videos?


I've got a face made for radio. :D

In Topic: Video about composition

17 July 2014 - 04:27 AM

It's good to hear that these are beneficial in some way, and that some people are liking them. Literally, TENS of people are liking them!


I've got a request  :D

Kinda like a linkage between 002 Storyboarding and 003 Composition, covering doing a cut or camera move from one composition to another. 

How so? You mean like in production? Or in storyboarding?