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In Topic: Mograph Wiki

26 August 2014 - 03:54 AM

Hey man, exciting! So what's new? What should we be lookin for?

In Topic: Video about building compositions

14 August 2014 - 07:26 AM

You know those nature documentaries where all the cute baby animals are dying of thirst, then you see a trickle of water, then a river, then a flood, then everything turns green and beautiful?

Well, that's what your vids are like in the dusty plains of the "PUSH THIS BUTTON - NOW YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" tutorials.

You're super welcome, but are you sure you talking about a documentary and not just being super high? lulz

I don't know if this will turn into a river, let alone a flood. Joe posting that feature on motionographer definitely let a bunch of people know, but that was kind of a one-time thing, I'd imagine. It's pretty interesting to watch the way that the word spreads virally, and how it needs to keep hitting sizeable communities or the whole thing peters out.

In Topic: Video about building compositions

12 August 2014 - 11:09 PM

Awesome sause. Keep them coming!


Man, I'd love to put one out a week, but I can barely get one out in a month. They are a BITCH so far. I thought this one was gonna be super fast and then nooooooooope. I keep underestimating how much work there is just to put out a half hour episode that looks like it was made in Powerpoint. :D


"Your butt rift is irritated."


That's really the take-away here.

In Topic: Laptop buying advice (for ae & c4d work)

29 July 2014 - 06:40 PM

And then, in a time of need, it appeared!

In Topic: "No fuckhead you're a roller coaster designer"

26 July 2014 - 02:27 AM

To me it seems like he's actually trying to do the opposite; he's talking about the meaning of the word in a very literal way. "Storyteller" has been diluted by it's mass appropriation in the business and advertising world, distanced from it's function as a word for one who delivers narrative. It lets businesses that want to imply creativity without the baggage tied to "artist" come across as such, while keeping it ambiguous enough that most people can't really call bullshit on it. Personally, I find it refreshing that someone is doing exactly that, especially someone of his clout within that world.


Of course there's no committee, but it's a tired phrase bordering on meaningless. It wouldn't hurt if more people and companies considered that. In fact, it could be beneficial as a means of separating yourself from the beaten path. Imagine an agency site's splash page exclaiming WE ARE NOT STORYTELLERS. Now I'm interested! Maybe they look like idiots to a certain kind of client. But if they do good work, it becomes a compelling demonstration of both confidence and integrity.

It's not a hard position to take, to come out swinging at the "me too" buzzword idiots for whatever they're doing lately. Yeah, they jump on whatever train seems to have a desirable destination, seemingly hijack it and shout about it unintelligibly before jumping on another. Sure, you're a brand storyteller. Sure, you're a UX consultant. Sure you're a craft microbrewer. Sure you're a DJ. If you say so. And it's nothing new. Those sort of identity leeches are always going to be riding one wave or another. But who gives a shit? What's tired is getting fired up over the latest instance of it. Or using the latest instance of it to fire up anyone who's easily threatened by an "invasion" of their precious in-group.


The problem is that he's further conflating an argument about who gets to call themselves what, which is intentionally elitist, and a purposeful jab to get people riled.

I'm a real storyteller, not like you. You make animated films, I make REAL films. So go back to your cartoons, hack.

I'm a real designer. Not like you. I can spot the difference between Arial and Helvetica. You can't call yourself a designer, bro.

I'm a true original Belieber, not like you. You're one of the fakes who just likes the popular songs. You can't like him anymore.

I'm a true Aryan, and committed to the cause. Not like you, you fucking half-breed. We're gonna beat the piss out of you now.


It's all feeble-minded, exclusionary bullshit, and as destro said pretty simply, it's basically self-promotion for everyone involved.