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In Topic: Feedback on half-year experience showreel

09 September 2014 - 06:52 AM

What are the different motion graphics types of jobs? Looking into myself for more focus could help.


Well, motion graphics is kind of a catch-all term. It's really the application of design principles to filmmaking techniques, so it can use animation, live action, vfx, you name it, but the goal is always some kind of visual communication. It's a pretty broad definition, and it gets kind of blurry at the edges. But that contains all the jobs and specialties you might think it would. You could say you're a motion graphics artist and mainly do illustrative typography for pitches with production houses. Or you might be a guy who does abstract stop-motion stuff with design studios. Or you might be an expert in 3d particle systems. Or you might do all of those things, and more. Realistically, a large bulk of people are somewhere on the spectrum between designer and animator and probably do a lot of work in After Effects and Cinema4d. So, if you look at staff positions at motion-graphics-oriented studios, you'll see there are probably people who specialize in concepting and design, and people who specialize in production and animation techniques, and people who have their fingers in both pies. And the skillsets of each of these people overlap a lot, but they all tend to have their own interests and niches too. For example, I have a graphic design background with some pretty solid animation skills and ok compositing skills in after effects, and can do a bit of basic modelling and texturing in 3d, with some illustration and typography skills, and I tend to market myself as the guy a studio wants when they need to put a pitch together to sell a job, because I kind of enjoy that more. I communicate that by sending potential clients still frames of my pitch work, as opposed to a reel or a collection of finished spots. I know a lot of people who have almost the same skillset, but market themselves by presenting only a reel, which suggests they're really good working at the production end with a team. And what's in that reel suggests how they're most valuable. 


You're just starting out, and trying to get a grip on what it is that you enjoy, so the content of your reel is unsurprisingly experimental and not client-driven. But as you continue to make work for yourself, or as you complete client work, you can be more selective about what you include in that reel, and how you craft it to hone that message about who you are, what you do, and where your value lies. It's kind of cheesy for me to drop this link here, but I'm sure there's something helpful in it for you: http://mograph.net/b...showtopic=28897

In Topic: Feedback on half-year experience showreel

08 September 2014 - 02:48 AM

Hey Philippe! You know, for half a year of experience, it's better than you think. The question that's probably most pertinent at this point is: what do you need this reel to do for you? 

In Topic: Mograph Wiki

26 August 2014 - 03:54 AM

Hey man, exciting! So what's new? What should we be lookin for?

In Topic: Video about building compositions

14 August 2014 - 07:26 AM

You know those nature documentaries where all the cute baby animals are dying of thirst, then you see a trickle of water, then a river, then a flood, then everything turns green and beautiful?

Well, that's what your vids are like in the dusty plains of the "PUSH THIS BUTTON - NOW YOU'RE AWESOME!!!" tutorials.

You're super welcome, but are you sure you talking about a documentary and not just being super high? lulz

I don't know if this will turn into a river, let alone a flood. Joe posting that feature on motionographer definitely let a bunch of people know, but that was kind of a one-time thing, I'd imagine. It's pretty interesting to watch the way that the word spreads virally, and how it needs to keep hitting sizeable communities or the whole thing peters out.

In Topic: Video about building compositions

12 August 2014 - 11:09 PM

Awesome sause. Keep them coming!


Man, I'd love to put one out a week, but I can barely get one out in a month. They are a BITCH so far. I thought this one was gonna be super fast and then nooooooooope. I keep underestimating how much work there is just to put out a half hour episode that looks like it was made in Powerpoint. :D


"Your butt rift is irritated."


That's really the take-away here.