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In Topic: kDabra 3D & Motion Design - Showreel and website

05 January 2015 - 04:56 AM

Hi Dan, nice job! That's a good selection of work for your first year in.


A few things to consider:

1) The less you broadcast that this is student work, the more people will assume you can do good work for them professionally. So go in and change your fake title sequence text from "not based on a true story" to something plausible. And "made by daniel..." could be something plausible like "Produced by Ulrich Gardst"? It's already made-up bullshit, so make it bullshit that doesn't scream "HEY, LOOK, THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT" :D   

2) Along those same lines, the on-foot chase scene you've shot looks ok, but it also screams "HEY, LOOK WHAT MY FRIENDS AND I SHOT ON MY 5D" hahaha. Everybody does it, but again, you don't want to broadcast that you're not working at a professional level, so if you have the option of cutting away from that footage sooner, do so. Obviously if you just don't have other work to show yet, that's not an option. That's also not to say that it would be inappropriate or bad form to show it, just that you always want to optimize your presentation for its purpose.

3) I don't know why your intro animation has a dark grey background, but your logo "fades" up from black. I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but it seems like a mistake. If it's unintentional, fix it. If it's intentional, rethink it so it doesn't seem like a mistake.


You're doing well so far. Hope that helps!

In Topic: Video distribution channels

09 December 2014 - 05:59 AM

If it were me doing it, I'd opt for building a website using an open source digital goods ecommerce solution or wordpress plugin that takes the payment and allows for download of the files and advertise.

Of course you would, hahaha! Lookit this sexy bitch wavin' his skillz around like a stripper. My pockets ain't deep enough for your high style life. ;)


All I really want is video streaming with a paywall. Gumroad seems to be able to pull that off, although it might not look great. I doubt there's a perfect non-custom solution, but I also doubt I want to front the kind of cash I imagine it takes for a custom build.


Thank you so much for the suggests!

In Topic: Honeycomb shape in AE

30 November 2014 - 12:28 PM

C4D mograph solution it is! 

Additional question, though, and even more of a brain fart: If you've got a cloned grid of objects, is there an effector setup that would allow them to "blink" into existence semi-randomly, like a bunch of fluorescent bulbs all trying to turn on? Embarassingly, i can't seem to wrap my head around this simple problem. It's been a while since I C4Ded.

In Topic: Honeycomb shape in AE

24 November 2014 - 09:00 AM

Look at you lovely people, with your readymade solutions. Tried the shape layer repeaters, the hextex, and mylenium's ballsy custom rig. Pretty great. But indeed, it's probably going to have to be a C4D mograph solution, I fear.

In Topic: Stupidly large screen

16 November 2014 - 07:30 AM

At a certain point, if it's still sitting on your desk, the actual size of the monitor is so big that you find your eyes and head ping-ponging from one side of it to the other just to follow your mouse. And the distortion at the edges, just due to your extreme viewing angle, isn't helpful either. So there's sort of a useful limit to desktop monitor real estate unless you have the deepest desk in existence. The second monitor setup is still a neck-swiveling solution, but if you have all of your important stuff directly in front, and accessories/palettes off to the side, it's pretty decent. I think the situation where a 40"+ monitor is helpful is when you're mirroring on-screen content for an audience, like in an edit or flame bay.


4k and 5k monitors are availalble now, and at sizes that are still pretty useful. They're not dirt cheap, but if precision matters to you, and it should, that's probably going to work out better than a huge bargain basement screen.