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C4D Paper Technique

19 April 2010 - 07:31 PM

Yo yo yo,

Am doing research on a new project - about 30 seconds of origami-style paper animation. The client wants it to be a stop-motion shoot, but there's no budget for that, so instead we're trying to get as close as we can in 3D. I am very experienced in c4d, but I'm having trouble developing a consistent technique for photo-real paper. The biggest issue I'm finding is getting those nice rounded fold edges, and adding mass to folded and re-folded shapes. i won't need most of my models to actually animate the folding and unfolding action, so any techniques just need to look good on a model. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?

So far I've just been starting with a square, and slicing it and manually moving points, which gives me a good base shape, but a geometrically perfect one. My shader will help the flat planes look paper-y, but that won't help with the razor sharp corners.

Thanks in advance!

Variable choke

12 February 2010 - 09:43 PM

Hey monsters,

Anyone have any thoughts on rigging something in AE to vary a choke based on another layer's luma? Trying to push this woodcut-style render from c4d up another level, and I want to be able to control the width of the lines based on the lighting.


Force exact frame on an animated XRef (or any keyframes)

23 September 2009 - 10:13 PM

Hey, all,

I'm working with some characters imported into C4D from Maya. The best way to get them in was to bring them in as an OBJ sequence. Unfortunately this means I'm working with exact frame animation - there's no tweening. So when I bring an XRef of these animated characters into another scene, I use Take Animation and everything seems ok. But every now and then I get a doubled frame. If I look at the Scene Time keyframes, everythings appears ok, but then if I type in a value manually, the frame shows up. My best guess is that it's showing me that Scene Time = 23 when it actually = 22.999. Fun, I guess. Does anyone know of any way to force a keyframe value to an exact frame? The Scene Time attribute is a Time attribute, so frame 23 is stored as .95 (or whatever).


Importing Maya rigs/animations into C4D

16 September 2009 - 01:04 AM

Hey, all,

I'm working on some crazy cross-program pipelining to get some character animation into Cinema 4D R11 from Maya. I will be getting some rigged stock models and having another animator do 'em up right in Maya, then will be compositing them into scenes I've developed in C4D. I know Cinema can bring in FBX - has anyone had experience doing this with a full boned, rigged, etc. character from Maya? Any problems/things I should watch out for? Is this an insane pipe dream, and I'd be better off getting my scene laid out in Maya for them to animate in?


Continuously Rasterize ain't doing its thing

11 September 2009 - 11:20 PM

Hey, all,

Am working on a project with a supermassive AI vector. It has to open up into 3D, and it has to be panned along for a great length. I've set it to continuously rasterize and precomped it, and then added some 3D rotation to "unfold" it. When I bring that precomp into another comp, I animate my camera around it. But it looks like the vector layers are not being continuously rasterized. I get a nasty stair-steppy around the edge. Turning continuously rasterize on or off on the AI layers does nothing.

My precomp is already the maximum size (30,000 wide!). Any suggestions?