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In Topic: Mox: Open Source / Patent free file format

Today, 02:22 PM

I believe it's using existing open-source codecs such as Dirac, PNG and FLAC inside the new wrapper.  AFAIK the new super-duper codecs such as H265 are the future in terms of compression levels, but these existing ones are good enough for a format designed as an interchange between video professionals; not for streaming or other final distribution. Whether Dirac is as good as ProRes or DNx in terms of file size/image fidelity I don't know but presumably it's near enough.

In Topic: Buying a new system

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

A top spec iMac retina against a 6 core medium spec new Mac Pro saves me at least £1000, is equally fast for many things, and has a free 5K screen thrown in!

It is very tempting. Can the screen be set to pixel double (still a pretty good 2.6K resolution) to free up GPU cycles for viewport previews in C4D?


Can Todd reveal when, if ever, a mid spec dual GPU Mac Pro will actually be noticeably faster than a top end iMac for use with AE or PrPro? 

Based on his answer the other day (see here) I'd say not any time soon with AE.  If that Retina can run at half-res and then offer Viewport performance on a par with the D300's then I'm interested.

In Topic: OS X Yosemite

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

Anyone know if the Wacom cursor lag (under CPU load) issue is resolved?

In Topic: Mox: Open Source / Patent free file format

Yesterday, 07:15 PM

I heard about this a while back.  First time I've contributed to anything on indiegogo / kickstarter.

In Topic: Buying a new system

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

My 2009 8-core hasn't died yet, touch wood. (What happened to yours?) But I'll be buying a new system soon and facing similar questions.  The new Retina iMac has a nice CPU in terms of clock speed but the consensus so far seems to be that the GPU will be stretched so far by the display that there won't be much headroom for anything else like Viewports.  If you're only doing AE, no C4D then iMacs maybe make sense but I always think they aren't quite Pro machines because of the mobile GPU's and limited expansion.


I'll probably buy a refurb nMP - in the states there are some on Apple's refurb store right now.  Switching to PC would be a cost-saving but the cons will probably still outweigh the pro's, namely:


1. The portability of the nMP will actually benefit me as I tend to move around a bit

2. The design of every PC Tower I've ever seen is just ugly.  Maybe I've just got Apple-goggles on though

3. Some of my software licenses are Mac only and they'd have to be cross-graded, if possible

4. I am used to OS X and I think I would probably prefer it to Windows

5. Most people I work with have Macs


I don't actually mind spending the extra on a Mac over PC equivalent.  I just wish they were faster CPU's, maybe it's intel's fault more than Apple, Moore's law seems to have gone over to mobile chips.