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Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Apart from some bits in Part 001, we haven't had much that's specific to time yet. I can see why, but eventually something about narrative or theory of editing might be good.  Personally, I have a figurative and narrative (think comics type stuff) Fine Arts background, and I often find myself conceiving ideas that are based on one continuous shot or sequence.  I just don't think in terms of cuts, which can limit my ideas for framing.  To some extent it's just my taste, which I don't think is wrong, but it's something I'd like to improve on.


The varied reactions to these videos really makes you realise the width of the spectrum we are coming from. Motion graphics is such a sprawl, no wonder I still can't explain what I do in one sentence.

In Topic: Prores export on a PC

18 July 2014 - 09:23 AM

Ever had any problems with DNx ? I tried delivering with it for a while as my clients were mostly using Avid at that time, but they reported some odd problems with alpha channels and, if I remember correctly, truncation(!) I think I switched back to Animation codec QT's which always seem solid, albeit massive.

In Topic: Software to manage contacts

08 July 2014 - 10:14 AM

I used something called Base for a while but I think I probably adopted it too early as it was full of usability issues (which may have been sorted out now).  I ended up with a little thing called Cobook which at least syncs with both iCloud and the social networks.  I really wanted a way for handling 'live' contacts such that people can update their own email addresses when they move jobs, but it seems the reality is that the landscape is too complex for that to function outside of a specific network.

In Topic: The New Mac Pro

06 July 2014 - 10:20 AM

Thanks for the explanation.  It confirms what I was distantly guessing, but nice to have it stated by someone with experience.


It just sounds like the nMP should have 10Gbe as standard, but it doesn't really surprise me that it doesn't.  As the Anandtech review said, Apple's philosophy is 'for everything else…there's thunderbolt.' - it's typical Apple.


I've personally never really found single Gb Ethernet fast enough for serious work (by which I mean live project storage) , and I would certainly never dream of putting any caches on it.  This article only serves to reinforce your view that TB is not a standard - TB Bridge daisy-chain networking sounds like a nightmare.  And with Fibre adaptors just as expensive as 10Gbe ones, there seems to be no cheap+fast+reliable option for the Mac.

In Topic: The New Mac Pro

06 July 2014 - 12:10 AM


If you have just a couple of machines that aren't too far apart, then you could just get an external array that allows multiple machines to connect to it via usb3, thunderbolt, or eSata. This isn't exactly safe, but it will work. And its not a networking system. Its just a drive connected to multiple machines.

You said that your QNAP is 'just a shared drive' - forgive the naivete but what's the difference between your 10Gbe NAS shared drive and a shared Thunderbolt RAID?