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In Topic: Best platform/cms for a portfolio website?

20 April 2015 - 04:58 PM

I used Textpattern for years and years. Used it for all my person sites, professional sites, and stuff like the Sequence group site. Tried Wordpress a long time ago, hated everything about it compared to Textpattern, so I stuck with Textpattern and never went back.


A few weeks ago I decided to start a new blog. Out of sheer curiousity, I installed Wordpress. It'd been a number of years, I thought I'd give it another shot. Good lord, when did Wordpress get so good? It's...not even remotely the same CMS I used all those years ago. I guess stuff changes over time. Who knew?

In Topic: hashtagmotiondesign.com

18 March 2015 - 03:59 AM

Hush, you're giving away our secret.


Seriously, though, conversation's been great. It's been great for hanging out with people during the day.

In Topic: Delay turbulence in Particular

07 March 2015 - 01:00 AM

All I can really think of is starting with a position turbulence of 0, and then turning it up at 7 seconds. It'll affect the particles already spawned, so the whole line would fade into a wiggle, but it would be the whole line at once instead of travelling down the line.

In Topic: Unreal Engine 4 is avaliable now.... for FREE

04 March 2015 - 12:58 AM

Valve announces Source 2 engine, free for developers


Okay, something's definitely in the water at GDC.

In Topic: Unreal Engine 4 is avaliable now.... for FREE

03 March 2015 - 05:54 PM

And Unity fights back...


Unity 5 Personal Edition is a free solution empowering hobbyists, sole developers, and studios just getting started with all the powerful features found in the Unity engine and editor such as Profiler, Occlusion Culling, Render-to-Texture, and Post-Processing Special Effects as well as all the big Unity 5 features like Physically-based Shading, Enlighten, and reflection probes. Completely free to developers with revenue or funding less than $100,000 a year, and which includes the full engine (but no advanced services package.)



2015 is turning into a fuck-yeah year for game development.