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What the heck do I charge for my labour in Brazil?

28 January 2015 - 11:56 PM

Don't suppose anyone knows what the going rates for freelance 2D afx/3D work are in Brasil/Sao Paulo/Rio?


I'm an artist (anyone who's seen my reel would know I use the term gingerly) not a godammned business guy...


Any ideas?

Need to rent a computer/hotdesk in Sao Paulo, Brazil

21 January 2015 - 11:27 PM

Hi peeps,

Don't know if my absence has been noticed by the itinerant bunch on this forum, but I'm backpacking in South America and have washed up in Sao Paulo where they have animation studios...

Anyway I have a bit of remote work come in. I could pay for another two months' travel if I take it.

Does anyone have a contact or an idea as to how I can get my hands on a MBP or equivalent? Dunno how I feel about asking random studios for equipment esp as I need to download a terabyte of shyt just to do the work.

Any ideas, ladies and gents?


Team Render dropping frames?

26 June 2014 - 12:57 PM

Every time I import an .aec from C4D and bring in the mattes and other passes, they're missing frames, even though nothing came up. Sometimes the computer that sends out the job freezes and then the .b3d files aren't converted. Sometimes there's a shedload of .tmp files in there. Either way, there doesn't seem to be a checking thing built into Team Render. If I ask for 100 EXR frames, that's what I expect. Anyone else had this?


I'm on a 4-core iMac and the render nodes are all mac pros


ta x