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Octane to Vray Conversion Python Script

28 September 2015 - 08:47 AM

Er, so I tried to play around with Beeple's Zero Day project files. They're pretty huge and stuff and don't play, because he's a mad genius who doesn't optimise anything. Anyhoo, I only have a demo of Octane but I do know that Vray and Octane are more or less identical in implementation for c4d - same tags, very similar materials. It's child's play to pull up the call commands for all params as well.


I wanted to write a script that could convert all Beeple's lovely Octane materials automatically into Vray.


But then, it would be easy enough to convert the camera, env, light tags as well.


Anyone got an idea? I suck at python, I'd love to see what Lennart could pull out, and I am disinclined to use this to teach myself python if there is already snippets floating around I can mangle into shape.

I'd like to see a similar material conversion script to see how to put a new vray material into memory and populate its params from (at least) the active Octane material and then replace it.

Power Animation With Pose Morphs

09 July 2015 - 12:28 PM

Hello hirsute chairhuggers,


I've just uploaded a tutorial about boring old pose morphs - but - I'm sharing a technique for doing really complex nested exploded-view animations with a few HUD sliders. It's worth a click, right?


Download the rigged speedometer model and see more info here: http://edmundbrown.t...th-pose-morphs/


I get that posting tutorials to professionals is a bit like throwing swine before pearls, I do. But I arrived at a good workflow, so if you like leaving the office early and such, maybe wash your eyeballs with it.



Meshing Gears: Getting Up to Speed: Dynamic Radian Offset Nightmare

06 February 2015 - 07:53 PM



I have no idea how to neatly move pink onto purple without the teeth intersecting, how to make the pink rotation wait until the correct contact with purple's teeth (on the sides, not the top of the teeth) before picking up purple's rotation.
I've tried almost everything except cold hard mathematics and COFFEE nodes.

The rotation speed is the major thing. Need to evaluate the radians of the purple per turn. That's easy, that's just a rangemapper on Modulo set to radians. How do I then set 3 ranges (between each of the three teeth) which are clear for the Pink to enter and mesh with the purple? Or am I thinking far too complex?


any ideas? Douwe? Base80?

Xpresso Question: Rigging a Ratchet Wheel

04 February 2015 - 03:25 PM

Hello peeps,


My usual level of intellect is lacking on this one...


How to rig a ratchet wheel? In my case, the ratchet is following the rotation of a swing arm, which has a ratcheted surface pressed onto the wheel with a spring... When the swingarm returns to its base pose, the ratchet wheel cannot follow the swingarm back to base because of the ratchet.


So how do I drive the rotation of the wheel to make a strict 45-degree advance, then stop rotation, and not follow the negative rotation of its 'parent' when the swing arm returns to base?


Each subsequent movement of the swing arm would then add another 45-degree rotation to the current angle of the wheel.


I get the impression this requires the use of the memory node but the help dox aren't making sense this week.


cheers pals x



What the heck do I charge for my labour in Brazil?

28 January 2015 - 11:56 PM

Don't suppose anyone knows what the going rates for freelance 2D afx/3D work are in Brasil/Sao Paulo/Rio?


I'm an artist (anyone who's seen my reel would know I use the term gingerly) not a godammned business guy...


Any ideas?