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Allegorithmic Substance Database

04 March 2015 - 06:57 AM

Theres a promo for Allegorithmic Substance Database  going right now, but I haven't heard of it before. The description seems like its for a video game engine environment, but the end of the video has c4d listed as a supported software.


Has anyone used this? The controls seem really nice. Even the promo price is a fair chunk of change, so I'd like to hear some reviews before buying. 

AE Time Stretch Woes

20 February 2015 - 08:01 AM

We have had "footage <-> matte" slip plaguing us for about a year. We investigate with no prevail each time it comes up, but today I think we narrowed it down to confidently start pointing the finger at how AE handles time stretching.


Basically, if a clip was speed ramped within FCP, and while conforming from XML into AE we pull keys or do any type of roto work on the raw footage within the initial conform for use as a matte for the color corrected footage from DaVinci, the way the AE handles the speed ramp of the two source quicktimes is different. The color corrected media we receive back from color correction and media managed raw media we receive from editorial are exactly the same number of frames in duration and always have the same frame in point and same frame out point.


Whats happening is, the math of AE's speed ramp seems to just happen to choose a different frames between the two every now and then. The new development today was that if we turn off stretching from the get-go and instead just line up the proper in and out point with time remapping keyframes, all instances of this issue go away. Its just a pain.


Here is a breakdown of the workflow that causes issue....


  1. Receive media managed XML from editorial with ProRes 444HQ media.
  2. Import XML into AE using Pro Import
  3. Each shot goes into its own trimmed PreComp, with the time stretching still on the media layer within the newly created PreComp and no longer stretched within the master timeline. 
  4. Work on keys, roto and other graphics using raw footage. A temporary LUT is applied after keys, etc for preview purposes.
  5. Once the graphics are relatively locked, the same media managed XML footage we received goes into DaVinci color correction.
  6. We remove all temp LUTs and AE color treatment from the raw footage. The keys etc are used as an alpha matte of the footage from color correction


Thats where things get weird. Never the first nor last frame are erroneous, but at an inconsistent pattern that doesn't provide any hints as to the source of the problem, the color corrected footage is trying to display a frame that the raw footage never showed. If the speed ramp is slowing down, each layer chooses to show a duplicate frame at completely different times. If the speed ramp is sped up, one layer may choose to display a frame at some point that the raw footage never even displayed. An "in-between" frame, if you will.


Rest assured that EVERYTHING we can think of has been tested. We did tests with FCP, we tested DaVinci, we tested various codecs, and at some point we blamed everything outside of AE but the only thing that has any evidence against it at this point is AE's time stretch. However, as a test, if I give a footage layer an odd speed ramp value such as 134.879%, duplicate it and set the top to difference, all is fine... So I'm lost again..


I hope this makes sense... Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone have a solution? I tried finding a script that would convert speed ramps to time re-mapped keyframes, kind of like how a 'convert expression to keyframes' function works, but couldn't find anything. 


Its a fairly major problem for us, and is responsible for about 90% of the times we find ourselves still at our desks late at night. I really hope theres a method to somehow convert time stretching into time remapped keyframes. 


As always, thanks for your time and input.

Spiffy L.A. | Reel 2013-2014

02 February 2015 - 07:20 PM

Our new company reel consisting of work done since my brother and I opened up shop 2 years ago.


Full works are on the site.



R16 Material Packs?

12 December 2014 - 04:26 PM

In the past, material packs by GSG and The Pixel Lab were a huge time saver for me. Creating materials from scratch in R16 is nice, but takes me a bit of time to iron out. I guess I'm still trying to wrap my head around it.

The old material packs still work, but tweaking them is a bit odd when its marked as a legacy material.

Are there any material packs available that use the new R16 method?

Stupid Expression Help

21 November 2014 - 07:55 AM

Sorry for the cry for help. I'm too tired and can't think straight, I guess.....


I am trying to get an upward on y scrolling list of text layers attached to a master null scale up as they approach the vertical center of the screen.


I found this, which works on the X but I can't seem to get it working on the Y with the tweaks I'm trying




pct = .25; // increase by 25%
r = 100; // distance to being increasing scale
center = thisComp.width/2;
p = toWorld(anchorPoint);
d = length(p,[center,p[1]]);
mult = ease(d,0,r,pct,0);