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    Marc Z

    We're back!! Now what?

    Thanks to the herculean effort of zlovatt mograph.net is back! Which instantly begs the question, now what? We'd like your input! 14 years ago there's wasn't much beyond mograph.net, Creative Cow and Tween (Motionographer's predecessor), now we have great communities at places like motionslack.com and Mixed Parts. Beyond being a repository of 14 years of mograph knowledge, what would you like to see? Reel reviews? Storage of useful knowledge from the MDA Slack? Again, huuuuuge props to Zack Lovatt! When tech suppports praises the fact a database that damaged was back up and running, you know someone's a superhero. Grab Flow, Easy Bake, ESL or any of his super useful tools at https://aescripts.com/authors/s-z-0-9/zack-lovatt/
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    this un-killable forum...
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    Hi Hana, Some youtube channels I found helpful when starting out. Mt Mograph - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDBxaq4Iv9o MW motion - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYjBabofGiHkhcb-pbBo99g/videos Tip tut - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYK0C3K9RYJIN0iKo8i8CIw Hope that helps. Hayden
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    AE 6 announced

    Man, I can't wait for this.
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    Marc Z

    We're back!! Now what?

    As you may have noticed, the site now defaults to screen names and all profile pics have been wiped. A sadly unavoidable thing when upgrading to the latest version of the board. Please go ahead and upload a fresh avatar, so we're all not just letter icons
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    Freelance motion reel 2018

    Hey everyone! I'm new here, thought I'd get things started by posting my latest reel! https://vimeo.com/256742344
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    Thinking particles giving you a headache? Not ready to take the plunge with x-particles yet? In this video we retro-fit Cinema's old standard particle system with collision detection, physics, spline following abilities and mograph controls.
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    Flow/er - A visual poem

    Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you guys flow/er, the latest personal project from me and Alexa Sirbu. Also, here the research and development that went into it: Thank you!
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    For whatever it's worth I relinked all my old online media to display correctly on mograph.net. I figure since Marc and Zack put forth the effort it's an appropriate time to do the same. While most of it is drivel, it's still better than a bunch of broken link icons... and then there's the occasional gold nugget from Bill Hicks that's forever timeless. -m
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Yay, mograph!
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    My Resource List

    So lately I've been trying to learn some basic front end web dev. In doing so I stumbled across some really amazing public resources for quickly finding tools and reference for specific parts of the job and thought that this was an awesome practice. As a result I quickly threw together this list: http://bitbucket.org/foughtthelaw/_creative-resources It is by no means complete and I intend on updating it frequently. It is, and shall always be, public facing and accessible, so if you want to contribute to it, clone it and make it yours, copy the idea and make your own private list. Go for it. I'd love for this to turn into something useful for the community.
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    Ross Sneddon

    Music Video - Bare My Soul

    Hey guys, I've been following some of the threads on this forum and thought I'd decide to contribute. Here is a music video I made in my spare time, using Cinema 4D and After Effects. https://vimeo.com/277681369 Here's a breakdown on my Behance page: https://www.behance.net/gallery/67449521/Bare-My-Soul-Music-Video The band is called Empathy Test, who surprisingly decided to share it on their social channels! Hope you enjoy
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    Awesome Inc, a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in 2D/3D animation, motion design, and mixed media production is seeking motion designers of entry and intermediate levels for full time positions in our Atlanta based studio, as well as remote freelancers for use as dependable additions to the team. Solid candidates will possess a strong sense of color, design and type, fantastic motion and / or animation skills and a passion for turning out great work. Candidates should: Be passionate, creative and motivated, sharing our love of the work Be comfortable working in a collaborative team environment Be able to take feedback in stride Be deadline driven, capable of handling quick turnarounds Qualifications: Intermediate candidates should have 4+ years industry experience Intermediate / Advanced After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator skills necessary Solid knowledge of graphic design, composite, typography and 2D animation Self-starter who can concept / work independently as well as work under direction Proficiency with C4D a plus Knowledge of additional softwares such as Maya, Nuke, Flash or ToonBoom a plus Knowledge of traditional animation principles and techniques is a plus Please fill out our online application here. We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
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    Learning 2D Motion Graphics From Scratch

    What aspect of this are you trying to learn? Most of this looks like relatively simple animation to me, with just some position and scale keyframes for the most part. It is well timed out, so that is really just about going through it in close detail with the audio to make sure everything flows well. And then a few final details, like scale squishing & squashing to really sell the movements. But that's not really a matter of just taking the time to make it nice. The techniques are very basic but about finessing with the graph editor. If that still feels out of your comfort zone, maybe try looking up some tuts about the after effects graph editor, and basic animation fundamentals. perhaps the design is whats holding you back. and that is the trickier thing as there aren't a lot of tutorials for making type better. Or picking good color palettes. or developing ideas visually. (actually, Carey Smith has made some AMAZING ones about visual thinking that I highly recommend - http://www.division05.com/) go look at some illustration tutorials perhaps. von glitschka does some good ones. or go on behance and pick something with a style you like and try to re-create it.
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    Aaron Covrett

    Bus Ride - Animation

    Hello Everyone! First time joining/posting on this community (welcome back!). I've been working on a larger project for quite some time, and wanted to test out some of the props. I built the scene in C4D, Substance Painter and Octane Render. Bit of compositing in AE as well. The tree models are sourced from https://darstellungsart.com/shop/ System Specs: (2x) 1080 TI's Render Time: ~40 min per/frame I've also included the project breakdown! And lastly, I've made the Utility Pole asset free to download and use for personal/commercial projects. https://gum.co/mSxZT Would love any feedback! Cheers, Aaron
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    Showreel - Updated my reel...

    Great reel and that makes sense on the 60fps.
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    Showreel - Updated my reel...

    beautiful reel! beautiful characters! beautiful animation! just great work! love it!
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Wow - a huge thank you to the great Zack Lovatt for bringing this back from the dead! Where many have failed, Zack has succeeded! Let's set up some kinda tip jar for this guy. Woot and stuff
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    Best camera shake tool in AE?

    Hey David, Not sure if you've found anything yet, but I like these handheld camera presets from The Pixel Lab: https://www.thepixellab.net/free-handheld-camera-pack Hope this helps!
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    Creative Plateauing

    Yeah, its pretty easy to get pigeon holed. Especially when you are good at something. Because it becomes an easy way to make money. Since you already have the necessary skills. It's why its important to pick personal projects and really push yourself in new directions. And be your own art director. Make revisions, act a shitty client Sometimes you need feedback from others. This used to be a great forum for that. Maybe with the reviving of it, it can be again. Also a good idea to branch out and learn about something unrelated. I love watching crash course videos on youtube. anatomy, biology, chemistry, history. They have plenty of useful stuff to get your brain churning. In the last couple of years i seem to have drifted towards a more technical role, rigging, etc and now i want to go back a bit towards design and aesthetic development. So im trying to get personal projects finished with a strong focus on design. Shapes, form, composition etc.
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    These look really awesome, so thanks for sharing! I've been working mostly in Ae up until now, but planning on getting a somewhat basic understanding of C4D too, so that I have more freedom in my designs. Also while browsing through your tutorials on your site, I realised that your're the guy that made the video on how to make a character pick something up which is always popping up on youtube for recommended videos. Will definitely look into these videos, and keep up the good work!
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    3DDuff 2018 reel

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    Hello Mographers, Reaching out to Motion Graphic Artists to join our pool of freelancers. Mid- to senior-level artists with strong animation skills Task: Create unique logo animations templates from scratch Must have: Render-efficient project workflow, ability to create procedural/automated content, flexibility and creative energy to produce wide array of animation styles (not stuck on personal style), autonomous working style. Location: Remote - Anywhere Please apply directly with your link to reel and your daily rate to: support@introbrand.com Thanks! Introbrand Website: https://www.introbrand.com/video-templates.html Social: Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Instagram - LinkedIn
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    Nuno Leites Reel 2018

    Hello! I'm Nuno Leites, a motion designer based in Porto, Portugal. I launched my first reel 4 years ago and in the meanwhile many things have changed. I created my own studio, Snack Studio, where I worked during 4 years. Six months ago we decided to go different pahts and I returned to my freelance journey. In this reel you will find a compilation of projects I developed during the last 4 years. + projects and info: nunoleites.com
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    Nuno Leites Reel 2018

    Hi Nuno! Your reel rocks! You have so much work that is just killing it, whereof my favourites are the animated illustrations for the Brokerslink Conference, the 2D/3D shapes of the Flabercast (?) logo, and the drinks combined with some 3D elements. Also I love the way you are cutting and timing along to the music! In the beginning, I think you could generate more curiosity with the viewer by holding som close up and abstract shots, all the way up to point 00:14 when the buildup begins. I feel like you are revealing too much by showing the entire scene of Santa Clause at 04:00. Also it might just be a matter of taste, but to me the music is slightly too intens, especially the vocals. It made it kind of a pain to watch it all the way to the end, although the design and animation part was good. I would recommend for you to either find an instrumental version of your song, find an altogether different song, or use the song as it is, but cut the length down, so that the entire reel will be shorter. Also the logo animation of your name is pretty brilliant. Maybe you could slow it down just a bit so that the animation is holding when we see your name, and also the end tag with the single symbol. Now this is just nitty gritty stuff, but you should consider properly adjusting the curves of the animation instead of simply reversing it. Since the logo animation is an essential part of your brand, you should probably do that part properly. Other than that I think that you do a great job at showing a variety of style, while still keeping a cohesive vibe. I wish you the best of luck on the return to your freelance journey, and keep up the good work!
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    Hey everyone just want to share one project I'm kinda proud of, my Xparticles Contest 2017 entry. Cheers!
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    Documentary Graphics — References

    Guessing you'll have seen this but for me it's Depends on the mood though of course. For what it's worth though, it's a bit of a cop-out to dig around for other people's treatments, so if you're serious about coming up with something hot then spend time with the subject matter, find your own path - and not by trawling through vimeo
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    We’re a media design company in Chelsea looking for skilled and creative freelance 2D and 3D graphics designers with 5+ years of experience to work with us this spring and summer. We work on projects for museums, theater and live events that involve interactives, experience design, and immersive environments. Qualifications: • 5+ years graphics experience o Advanced knowledge of Adobe CS o Advanced knowledge of Cinema 4D if you are a 3D artist • A good sense of design and creativity are essential; excellent organizational and project management skills are a plus • Able to work independently or with a team • Able to work in-house at our dog-friendly office Please send your website / links / reel / resume to resume@batwinandrobin.com with “Motion Graphics Designer” in the subject title. We appreciate your enthusiasm but please no phone calls - apply only via this email address.
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    Live visuals - process

    Hey, Are you just producing the content or will you be playing it back live too? TD is great but i’d stick to what you know, if you don’t have to playback content then avoid complicating things with TD. If you do there are simpler options for playback. Will it be audio reactive or pre rendered content. Depending on the style of music you should be able to break down each track and build some style frames from there. My workflow is break down the tracks, design a style, create a few loops per track, learn to mix them well to the music. Repeat for each track. Creating 60 mins of VJ content is a lot even for a proficient mograph artist. Keep it simple. Can you source any stock footage or does it need to be all custom? Cheers Liam
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    "Side Effects" - short film

    I did a short thing about my feelings towards social media, the good & bad. It's a pretty personal piece, happened to land at the same time as the CA/Facebook scandal, which was pure luck but it was exactly this sort of thing I was thinking about while cooking up the ideas. It's the least 'distracted' piece I've made I think - ie I didn't get bogged down in irrelevant details or flashy effects like I normally do, but tried to stay focussed on getting it finished without losing the thread too much. So there's zero flashy camera work, quite a few of the meshes are from stock except the detailed machines, and there's very little post - it's mostly straight renders with some colour correction. And from a production point of view it's pretty straightforward, a bit of rigging and one simple Houdini setup, which is a version of Simon Fiedler's setup from a while back. From a mograph piece it's actually pretty boring, even to me ;-) but hopefully the audience reaction is more about the ideas behind it than the surface stuff. It's been funny to see the reception, which has been pretty positive, and the ironic likes/shares - and observe the exact effect on me that the whole thing is about. Dopamine kicks from the comments and peer reviews even when I try to stay detached - it's hard to stay immune which is what makes the whole social media 'experiment' so hazardous. There's more detail here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/63696503/Side-Effects Fire up any questions about anything, or any suggestions about what I did wrong ;-)
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    Just wanted to drop this here for you guys to enjoy! (Not sure how you embed the video onto the post) https://vimeo.com/259677541 Thanks
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    2018 Site Maintenance (temp)

    1) Can't seem to send you any private messages Marc. I was unable to *send* any because my messenger was 300% over quota. Deleted everything and could send, but got an error message when I tried to msg you directly. 2) Also... the thing I was messaging you about.
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Nice work!!!
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    Well done Zack and the Mograph team. This is rad.
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    AE 6 announced

    Motion is going to make a comeback, I can feel it! Apple will finally care about being competitive in the creative software market again.
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    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    I was hoping for more deer heads.
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    Marc Z

    It's ALIVE!! Mograph is back!

    The Monkey lives!
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    Hey all - We are looking to hire a full time motion graphics artist for DVD / Bluray and digital media. Will be doing both design and production / repurposing work. Los Angeles Culver City area. Full time position, in house, full benefits etc. Please send info and reels to scott.gordon@pixelogicmedia.com Though full time is our main goal, we are also looking at some freelance hiring in the short term. Thank you!
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    The Inspiration Thread

    Hi, Here's a motion work that I created for an online app: Have a look: https://vimeo.com/205288297 Thx
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    Hand drawn animations

    I made this little collection of hand drawn animations i created in photoshop and bellow is a link with all the separated elements with alpha. dropbox.com/s/q28jke2ztzkmlzs/psd_Animations_tagori_v01.zip?dl=0
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