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  1. You can't have access to the position of the spline's points seperatly, even with expressions. It would be great but it's not possible. Anyway, if someone know a technique to emulate a wiggle effect on a spline...
  2. I work on PC with Windows. I use After Effects, Cinema 4D, Softimage XSi, Photoshop. I'd like to spend 1500€ (2100$) with 1 or 2 monitor(s) (Samsung or DELL). Oeuf> Does your machine use the 8 GB of RAM ? I've seen that Windows (even the 64 version) can't use more than 4 GB.
  3. I know there's a lot of threads on this subject but I can't find a workstation with the last hardware. It's often old (few month) topics without the new hardware & the new technologies. And this topics is also to know what's is your hardware ? wich machine do you use to work with After Effects & 3D package ? are you satisfied with your hardware
  4. Hi everybody ! I'd like to buy a new workstation for Motion Graphics freelance work (using After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator & 3D package). Do you have any suggestions for a powerfull hardware (including screen) ? What about hard drive (Raid-0, Raid-1 or not usefull) ? What's your workstation ? Thanks
  5. Hello everybody ! My new reel is now online. Please have a look and add some comments. Quicktime version Vimeo version All my work is on my blog. Thanks
  6. This is my last video made with After Effects Youtube Version Quicktime version What do you think about this video ? Nesta a.k.a. Manuel Creignou
  7. Here is my new showreel for 2008. It presents my work in motion graphics, compositing & 2D/3D FX. Please give your opinion.
  8. Hi ! Here is my new showreel. You can have a look to my last works on After Effects. Signature_02 Signature_01 Hifi If you want to see more, go to manuelcreignou.blogspot.com Please comment.
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