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  1. thanks everyone for your feedback. I guess based on what I've heard, I will have to get used to living in either LA or NY. New York is working for me now so I am probably not going to rock the boat for awhile.
  2. I like your choice to change careers, the motion design and animation field is really awesome. The only draw back is the sometimes long hours and tight deadlines. I would recommend learning photoshop, illustrator, and after effects first and foremost. You can find many tutorial sites for these programs. The best sites in my opinion are psdtuts.com, lynda.com, videocopilot.com, creativecow.net, aetuts.com, vecttuts.com. I would start off with Lynda.com because that site has a lot more introductory program tutorials on it. It is only 25 bucks a month and worth every penny if your a beginner. In terms of getting a masters, I would have to say that if you can afford it, it is probably a good idea because of the networking and personal teacher instruction that you get, as well as the ultra important critique process. On the other hand, most MFA programs don't teach as much of the programs but more about design. If you are looking to only learn the programs then tutorials are the way to go. Good schools for masters degrees are: Parsons, Design and Technology program, NYC Savannah College of Art and Design, motion graphics mfa, Savannah GA NYU, tisch school of art, NYC SVA, animation prgram, NYC UCLA, design and media arts, LA Otis College of art and design, LA Full Sail, animation program, Florida CalArts, graphic design (concentration motion graphics), outside LA school of the art institute of chicago There may be more schools that I do not know about. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in motion graphics. I really enjoyed the program and would recommend it as a good choice. I hope this helped, this is a great industry that looks to be growing.
  3. Hello, My name is Ryan Duggan and I am currently working a permalance to staff position in NYC. I do not see myself living in New York for to many more years and was wondering if anybody knew any other hot spot cities for this industry. I know that LA and NY are the top in the U.S. I'm more interested in Cities that are a little more lo-key. Thanks for the help.
  4. Motus

    Updated Reel 2008

    Thank you guys for your feedback. I just got an internship at UVPH. Hopefully I will be able to learn a lot while I am there. I do agree that my animation could be smoother. Thanks Again, Ryan
  5. Motus

    Updated Reel 2008

    Hello everyone. My name is Ryan Duggan and this is my second post. I took into consideration everyone's feedback from my last post and changed some stuff, hopefully for the better. I just moved to Brooklyn and am looking for a way into the industry. Will work for free to gain experience. Please let me know if you all think this reel could get me an internship. you can view my reel at: www.behance.net/motus Thank you for the help.
  6. thanks for the feedback. My animations are a little rough, I can't seem to smooth out my moves, and haven't figured out recoil. Do you know any tutorials online that might help me take my animations to the next level. Thanks again, I appreciate it.
  7. thank you very much for the feedback. I agree the ending needs to change. I need to get a copy of a 3d program so I can branch out a bit. Thanks again.
  8. My friend just informed me that Drew Tyler Bell is one of the names on the sequence. Sorry Jgarcia, I am not really that slow in real life. Thanks again for the feedback.
  9. Thank you guys for your feedback. It means alot. It's true I do need more dynamic backgrounds. Don't know what the Drew Tyler reference means but the girl is my Ex. I'll tell her you like her.
  10. My name is Ryan Duggan and I have been a long time fan of mograph. This is my first post and I am a little nervous. I am currently looking for work in the NYC area, but am living in Wilmington N.C. I don't have my own website up yet but am showcasing my digital portfolio on the Behance network. you can see my illustration and motion work at: http://www.behance.net/motus Thank you so much for the feedback.
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