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  1. Hi Justin, It's a bit old, but is there any chance of re-uploading the zip? All of the internet seems to direct to the Motionographer post.
  2. Yeah, that's the one I meant. Thanks! Hope this is the same as Rezatron meant.
  3. I think I know which one you mean. It was a short with a narrator who tells us a personal experience he had in war. It shows a few tanks going thru a street fighting Taliban(?) warriors. I remember a part in which he tells he had to reload the tanks machine guns, but the ammo was on the outside of the tank, which he found amazingly retarded, since the tank was being fired upon. I believe it was posted on Motionographer less than a year ago. Don't know if it was quicky or a post. Anyway, hope this helps anybody to remember which short it is. If so, i'd love someone to post it, even though it might not be the one Rezatron is asking for!
  4. I felt pretty much the same, some moments of laughter, but more out of astonishment than out of actual joy. And also slightly angry. Overall I think this video really shows how things roll in the banlieu. What I couldn't stop asking myself while watching this video was how much of it is actually real. It sure feels very much lika a documentary, mostly due to the way it was shot and the reactions of the 'victims'.
  5. Klustre


    My post might not be clear enough, but I just want to know what people think about embedded youtube movies on portfolio sites.
  6. Klustre


    Now youtube is starting to become a 'normal' thing, you see it pop-up everywhere. I see it more and more on xplsv and even on portfolio sites, which have embedded youtube movies. Personally I think this isn't really a good progression, since the quality sucks and I don't have the control I want. Not to forget the continuously present youtube logo on the bottom right. If people used vimeo, for instance, I'd be more happy (quality wise). But why are people stepping away from quicktimes (ignoring the fact that flash is on almost every system) and start using youtube? If I were a client visiting a portfolio site, seeing embedded youtube movies, I'd find that rather unprofessional. But that's just me and I can imagine clients don't mind, since they're familiar with the whole embedded youtube thing. Just want to hear some of your thoughts on this...
  7. Thanks graymachine! (would've guessed you were the first to reply ) So basically you should always use a lineair/easeIn/etc, for such things, instead of an if statement? And is it true that an if statement typically only checks the first frame of the comp?
  8. Hi everyone, I've searched the forum and found this topic: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtop...ther+expression Even though I think that that topic explains my problem, I can't really figure it out. What I want is, if a layer's x position reaches below, say 190, the scale should go down: snelheid = 50 //snelheid = speed pos = 190.0 if(position < pos,position[1]){ scale = (time) * [snelheid,snelheid]; }else{ scale=100; } I put this expression on the scale property of the layer that should be scaled. Currently the if statement is continuously true from the first frame, even though the layer is positioned above 190 on x. I reckon the problem is that the expression doesn't check every frame. Anyone know how to make this expression work? TIA!
  9. http://typesites.com/ For the type side of it Reviews the type on some of the best sites. I personally like the bearskinrug site and the subdued site alot.
  10. You might also wanna check Synchromy. They showed me this in school a few weeks back and I was amazed at how timeless it actually looks along with the music being very electronic.
  11. Klustre

    Some frames

    Very nice frames you got there! Are you able to post a quicktime?
  12. I like it, not too sure about the popups though. Personally I think it's better to put the work beneath the menu.
  13. Right you are at going freelance. Well, I'm currently studying there, I noticed you on xplsv some time ago and recognized your name from the interview timetable. It's a shame though, would've loved doing a project with you at school.
  14. Very nice, I really like the intro sequence. Were'nt you on the Image & Media Technology list at the HKU?
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