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  1. Those are good suggestions... both are giving me ideas. Thank you! Unfortunately the concept art isn't related to the iphone game content, but that doesn't mean I can't fake it, or make it look like they are. Normally I would make separate videos for different kinds of content, but because they want to show the wide variety of everything they do in one video its a little tricky. Going to try experimenting a little with some of the ideas here and see what happens. Let you know if something good happens
  2. Hi... I'm working on a marketing reel for a creative/gaming studio that is a showreel of all their various creative work. This includes gameplay footage, video game trailers, but also some of their concept art and game footage from casual games on iPhones. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some good examples of incorporating elements that are in portrait aspect into a 16:9 video reel. The reel is in a semi-flat, minimal style (where there are graphics/titles). I've thought about tiling some things, zooming in close and pulling back slowly for some of the concept art stuff, but wondering if there are any other ways to work this stuff in. Thanks!
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