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  1. agreed. Just had to pull keys on about 2 hours of footage shot on one...the noise was borderline unbearable (then again, it wasn't shot all that well to begin) the P2 workflow is nice, however.
  2. have a look at SUPER (http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html) with ffdshow/etc
  3. they have better tech, plain and fucking simple argue it if you want with your market share of a cripple 'pda' that doesn't even have a stylus....but apple is complete shite when it comes to that, and that's fact. I mean, those tablet macs are....oh wait, that's right ps if you think the adobe suite runs better on OSX, you're sadly kidding yourself anymore...that's a myth long, long gone
  4. modo doesn't animate tho eh? is purely a modelling (and very good one) program afaik...or have they changed that?
  5. market of what? but, that wasn't really my point....and how's the handwriting recognition on an iPhone? I'd figure that'd be a key point in making a digitizer, if they so chose to oh, and as far as context sensitive multitouch, jazzmutant beat everyone to the punch a long time ago with such quality products as the lemur
  6. not sure how you figure. MS's hand writing recognition and touch technologies far surpass anything Apple has to offer, plus they're considerably better at making peripherals anyway, use an oldschool graphire (6x4 i think) at work..really wanna get one for my home studio tho; is the intuous really worth the difference?
  7. imo, apple is seemingly losing the plot more and more with each thing they do
  8. in a partially more serious response...probably way less than I should (lets say under 40), given all that I do (tho motion only makes up about 5% of my work load...I just enjoy it, hence why I'm here )
  9. one...milllllllllion dollars
  10. like i said, i understand your position...but just understand what they're trying to do. Guys like Kramer do it for free (and I'm sure he gets work because of it), so at least they're trying to prime the pump of knowledge so to speak. EDIT: it may not be much, but at least they're doing something and valuing the time in some way
  11. i'd be inclined to say music first to an extent...but then, it really depends on what you're trying to do. I find it easier to animate/design around music, rather than write music around animation...unless you're just talking about doing music beds/score type stuff as opposed to rhythmic "stand on its own" type stuff. But, that also probably has more to do with being more comfortable composing music than animating currently
  12. why? anyway, if you're comfortable with AE I'd say don't even worry about doing timeline based animation cause you'll just end up wanting to punch yourself in the face...a lot. Start straight into AS3 (screw AS2...easier to pick up, but once you *get* AS3, you're laughing) As for lynda.com, they're good for the basics...however I'd personally recommend subscribing to safari books online for $15 more a month, then you get all the lynda videos as well as pretty much any book you want. On the web front, kirupa as mentioned is nice varied site...some others are gotoandlearn.com and actionscript.org
  13. fastest is more than likely going to be limited by your own ISP, so unless you're running an OC12 uplink - just get a server with a high storage capacity and bandwidth cap. If only a few people will be accessing them, then something shared like dreamhost could work...but if you plan on having a good bit of concurrent connections on that much bandwidth, you'll wanna at least go with a VPS
  14. to be fair, if it was that easy...everyone would be doing it with as much success as envato has had. and, as a predominately web developer/designer who dabbles in mograph...$600 to build a site that will scale to their inevitable needs is chump change as well. Funny that it's OK to devalue web development or design, but not animation...:shrug: I do see your point tho, and if it's not your thing then fair enough. I would agree that the tut fee should probably been higher on the mograph side, since doing them well compared to a programming or PSD/AI tut is far more time-intensive, and perhaps they'll adjust accordingly in time.
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