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  1. They is a lot of stuff in it. Mostly lyers made out of a mix of PNG illustration, PNG Renders, EXR renders. Not much of crazy effects, a bid part of it is compositing: some gaussian blur, hue, levels, drop shadows. Some time remap, Some trapcode. We prerender as much as possible. Render 1/2 res output module goes throught, we're currently looking for a clever way to script split the main comp for quicker renders.. I'm looking for a way to make sure I use all cpus available while background rendering, and to improve system stability.
  2. Hi there. I am working on huge project with massives comps. I trying to find way to optimize renders for it. Every time I output (jpeg seq) Full res/Half Res/ Third Res, the RAM hit the roof with only one BG renderer going while the processors are at 5/15% Any cues? Specs PC Intel Xeon CPU E5-2650 v3@2.30GHz, 10 Core, 20 Logical processors 64 GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro K5200 AE Scene 7700 x 10 200 AE setup Rendering Localy Disk cache enabled 70GB Ram for other App 4GB Render Multiple frames Simultanously OFF
  3. Hit me up for something in Montreal. We have plenty of cakes to bake.
  4. Kesse

    CC vs CC 2014

    Seems the best solution is the simpliest. Stay up to date with CC2014
  5. At the studio we have about 12-15 licenses, and everybody is using whatever they want from CS6, CC, to CC 2014. I had trouble this fall with CC 2014 on one 6K projects with preview refreshing and sudden crashs. And on a 4K Mov Animation + Alpha I had some issues with ram preview. Since the december update everything seems ok though. We are now thinking to normalize the pipeline and ask everybody to work on the same version. What's your two cents on that? Thanks,
  6. I have a doubt that Ribbit have not been updated for à loong time now..
  7. Haha, didn't know that one! Désolé!
  8. Thank you. Ribbit looks great. For ditto i am not sure though; Google doesn't seem to know it.
  9. I would be curious to know what are you best green screen stock footage websites. As an alternative to a shoot I am thinking to buy some "classic shoot" if I can find the right ones. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. You will miss the Cut & Paste finals on Oct. 18th Haven't found anything for the week after. Have a good time in NY!
  11. Hello motion designers, I've seen under that type of topic many listing for London, New York and many others US cities. Nothing yet about the French capital though. I saw the mographwiki/paris, but i am looking for forward to dig into the subject to find more places to contact. Please let me know if you can help
  12. Hi guys! I am not that savvy into Ae scripting. Still i am planning to recreate that kind of behavior with some technicals informations. Here's the reference Anybody can help me figure out how to make those "3d"molecular nods and string in Ae? And for the spherical shape in rotation it's possible to animate them with trapcode and some by hand, still scriptable? thanks
  13. Kesse


    I like the WAD magazine, it s a french blingual fashion mag, it gives me a lot of inspiration for design and motion.
  14. I am from Montreal, and lost my Berlinity 3 months ago.! There a lot of work around here. It's more small shops that big studio thought. But there's plenty of them, I have the feeling that a new place open every weeks. There's is also a lot of agencies dealing directly with mograph directors and from what i've saw design studio are also interested in having a mographer on their call list. So i'm sure you can make a good living, and enjoy this crazy place. But Rook is right, there is more work outside Berlin in place like Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart. Some of them furnish a shelter for the lenght of the project. I like this opportunity as well. Drop me a line when you're settled down, i'll show you around.
  15. Kesse


    In Montreal, xsi is pretty famous. Hybrid, Ubisoft, deShed, Buck Creatifs, Buzzimage, Fly Studio, Moment factory, Skuad Studios, use it for their productions. It's local buying thought, Softimage was founded in 1986, in Montreal.
  16. ohhh-oh, the expectations are raising up!
  17. Kesse

    Getting ideas

    same for me, the challenge is to remember at least a fraction of them.
  18. You can also chek out the mographWiki directory http://www.mographwiki.net/Buenos_Aires
  19. wjooo, makes me feel like i should quit motion, and start being a pastrycook!
  20. Wo! it really rock. Nices ones. I bet a lot of lives events studios could fall in love with you!
  21. Well, as you say; Berlin is a great city, one the the greatest.. I taught i could find a lot more studios, in a recognized city for design (ers) & arts, but i think the wall's theory make a lot of sense. I am more thinking about travel and discovering than succes and mega gig. i'll knock at those doors, see what happen!
  22. I am from Montreal and seriously thinking about moving in Berlin this summer. Could somebody tell me how the market is there. I am looking for a contractual or full time mograph / post prod position there. I had a look into mograph wiki, and there is only 2 studios listed. any links or thoughts? thanks
  23. i don't know why but those bufalos reminds me characters in Where the wild things are's book by Maurice Sendak wich will be put on big screen in 2009 by Spike Jonze
  24. Kesse

    new reel & new site

    i had a feeling that resizing the browser is quite something.. it won't last a long time. i'll find a way to autoframe de pic instead of resizing the broswer to the pic. for the intro picture, my plan is to have a random picture everytime you get there. yep machine molle did an outstading logo&anim research for that clip.
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