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  1. According to the internet you're also wrong for not telling him you had sex with his mother. Although you did post a picture of a cat....
  2. Old topic but Destro also asked about lighting setups and separating background and foreground. Recently I stumbled across this site that has a LOT of useful info on lighting with lots of pictures and points on theory and other neat things. http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/ A few specific posts that are of interest: Camera Motion: http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2013/04/camera-motion-for-filmmakers/ Lighting from Master to Close Up: http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2012/11/how-to-light-for-specific-camera-blocking-master-to-close-up/ Storytelling Through Composition: http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2012/08/storytelling-through-composition/ Training Your Eye: http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2013/04/training-your-eye/ Fun fact: This is the DP that Christian Bale was yelling at during his infamous Terminator: Salvation incident.
  3. Saw Oblivion over the weekend. Prior to that I watched all the BTS stuff I could find. Lots of cool stuff done practically in the film. Enjoy. Or don't. Gmunk and Dlew on the fancy UI work More Gmonk/Dlew work (from motionographer) https://vimeo.com/64377100 ...and a bunch of other cool stuff I love the bit about projecting the footage around the set instead of green screen. A real testament to getting it right in camera instead of trying to fix it in post.
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    I think they say something to that effect, but since JGL kills Bruce in the original timeline, it can be assumed that the kid grows up with his mother. If kid doesn't (she dies or leaves for some reason) whats to say that the event that separated them wont happen again? Wouldn't the smarter move be to try and kill Bruce and stay with the family to make sure kid grows up with some guidance away from becoming a mob boss? Or just let Bruce kill the kid and make sure?
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    Every once in a while I see you lot complaining about the old days when there were plenty of healthy discussions, debates, or flat out arguments going on around these parts. I don't know if this thread will turn into one of those or not but what the hell, its something I thought about after I watched the movie (Looper in case the thread name didn't tip you off). Also, spoilers. Like stop reading right now spoilers. So in the movie we are lead to believe that when Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) kills himself at the end he is saving the future from the Rain Maker by letting him grow up with his mother thus becoming a good person. When I saw the movie I loved it up until the very end because I think that Bruce Willis was right and the kid had to die. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. However, upon seeing the movie again I noticed that in the original iteration of the timeline, the one Bruce Willis came from, the kid already grows up with his mother and still becomes a terror. I watched it with my special lady friend and she didn't really see any problem with JGL killing himself to save the kids life. I was convinced the movie asked some interesting questions about morality and the greater good. She didn't see too much of that going on. I guess my question is what do other folks think about it, agree with JGL or Bruce? Is there a moral dilemma at all?
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    NAB 2013

    +1 on the Movi, if it really works as well as they make it look like it does, I'd love to get my hands on one. The updated black magic camera is pretty cool. From what I know its the first CMOS camera in this price range to offer a global shutter. I think thats a big deal. Maybe the days of rolling shutter are almost behind us? I have to admit all this 4k or UHD shit is making me crazy. The human eye can only resolve about 2k worth of resolution anyway, so whats the point of viewing in 4k? I feel like Bluray JUST became something consumers are interested in (versus all the VOD options out there that also offer HD delivery) and now they're starting to roll out a new format. I definitely don't miss SD but If 4k takes off that'll make the 3rd format (SD, HD(720p, 1080i, and 1080p!!!!), UHD) and the 4th consumer format (VHS, DVD, Bluray, UHD) in 15 years. I guess i'm getting older and more crotchety but I think thats ridiculous. I just don't see a problem with Bluray movie on a nice plasma display. Thats what I have set up at home and it looks fucking rad.
  7. I think you've got a lot of really good work in there that shows off your abilities really well. I second the engine title love, its pretty bad ass. Well done. I think your edit could be a lot better. While you are showcasing your work, its not very dynamic. You cut to a shot and hold on it until it resolves. You've got a track with a strong beat (read: lots of opportunities to cut) but you don't use it to its fullest. We don't need to see the whole shot, just the best parts of it. I've linked to this reel before to show a really great edit, ignore all the work thats on it and just pay attention to how its cut. The way the music, the edit, and the content all work in unison to make something very cool. Like I said earlier, you've got some good stuff, take it another step further and really show off. Are you feelancing around Dallas or at a shop there? I used to work at MPS/Lucid Post a while back. Glad to see some great work coming out of that city.
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    headed to LA

    Atch Kotch (ramen) on Fountain between Cahuenge and Vine. Massa (pizza) on Sunset in Silverlake/Echo Park Umami Burger (several locations) Daikokuya (ramen) downtown Don Cucos (margaritas) in Burbank El Compadre (margaritas) in W Hollywood on Sunset Good (microbrew/ all sorts of food) on Sunset in Silverlake that'll get you started. edit: you ever get in the zone and write something then later realize it kinda makes you sound like a dick? I think those places have good food & drinks. Thats all I'm trying to say.
  9. I dont have any experience, but i might try pulling the del into premiere and relinking to the r3d files, then send that seq to AE from PPro. You can also just copy the clips on the timeline and paste them into a timeline in AE. Ive never tried it with img seq before, but Ive done it with qt files.
  10. Words usually don't gross me out, but something about sticky viscosity made me sad. kudos on that. I guess...
  11. make a second piece that matches the curve of the back and use a boole to subtract it?
  12. World War Z is a book, and from what Ive heard the movie takes a pretty sharp departure from its source material. I haven't read it, thats just the word on the proverbial street. Also I'm with you. I think I'm over zombies. Though I must admit giving them a hive mind and behaving like an ant swarm is kinda cool.
  13. de same...... the shot of the doctor dragging a chainsaw down the hall. what not completely ridiculous about that? the message isn't what bothers me. I actually agree with the message. less sugar for everyone would be great. I just think they were lazy story tellers. its really well executed spot. I just thinks its bullshit is all.
  14. I get it. Everyone here is selling something. Theres no naiveté. The whole thing is just a god damned sledge hammer hitting you over the head. If you drink coke someone will chop off your leg with a chainsaw. Im not mad at soda. Im mad at the guys who made it. They took the laziest root to get you to "feel" something. I don't give a shit about their message, I'm just calling bullshit on their technique. Does no one else get miffed when a commercial just plays some shitty sad music and shows pictures of sad kids in some other country and asks me for money? no? just me?
  15. the fact that its straight manipulation doesn't bother you in the slightest?
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myxwCEGcBYc&feature=player_embedded I'm sure most of you lot have seen this thing over on Motionographer. My question to you is do you think its borderline propaganda or fair play? obviously the message is a good one (my sister has type 2 diabetes, I know all too well how shitty it is) but its SO heavy handed and manipulative. I found myself getting angry while watching it just like when I see that bullshit commercial for animal shelters that has the Sarah McLachlan song.
  17. ha! color science. yeah, if their "edit ready" proxies happened to be ProRes 4444 that would be rad. Though I had started to think that CCD was basically dead all together (save for eng/doc cameras). I assumed we'd see a global shutter CMOS before this. Getting rid of rolling shutter seems like that last hurdle for getting digital past film.
  18. From what I remember they were very cool cameras, the only thing that bugged me was the magnetic wheel that drove the mags. Neat idea that worked most of the time (but not all the time). This however, looks like they went ALL in and I hope people give it a chance. Ive been downloading some of those test clips for the last 7 hours to play around in resolve and see how they hold up.
  19. The Aaton Penelope Delta The big deal: It's a Super 35mm CCD, NOT CMOS. No rolling shutter and higher pixel fill. The article goes into detail about all the goodies. Seems like a really cool camera, even though it is an Aaton... Now all I need is 120 grand....
  20. hmmm. sounds very cool, but whats the point of recording uncompressed 8 bit (whereas BMCC et al give you 12 bit)? Are you getting a feed right off the sensor? Will you get more dynamic range? or are you just getting an uncompressed version of the same 7-8 stops of latitude that you get with the file off the cf card?
  21. Not exactly OT but LA Im Yours will post a breakdown every friday of whats going on during the weekend. Lots of art shows and stuff like that. Also keep your eye on gallery 1988, from what I can tell they have lots of shows with local people. Theres also meltdown comics.
  22. Ive seen a few posts about people wanting to see examples of boards and/or breakdowns recently. Well, I bring you my buddy Justin Harder. No, not that one. The other one. This one. He does some very cool illustration work and he posts the boards he does, breakdowns, and other neat stuff. Thought it might be cool/informative for folks around these parts.
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