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  1. The stuff that pops up about theory and execution is why I still come around. I've gotten an education from this place. Every once in a while Ill peruse some old (read: 2008) topics and see how far peoples work has come. Its a fun trip. If threads showcasing/crit'ing boards starting showing up, that would be super rad.
  2. IATSE covers a lot. Within in it are all the various unions for all sorts of positions (art department, camera assistants, assistant editors, etc.). As far as I understand there is no union of motion graphics artist so I assume you were looking at an Assistant editor or editor position. For those you have to clock in a certain amount of days doing that job to be able to join the union. Basically you have to find a bunch of non union jobs, work, get enough days there, then you can joing the union and work on union jobs. Its a real pain in the ass but you get killer benefits once you're in.
  3. A few things: You're open card is kind of weak. You've got an opportunity to be much more decadent with this. I don't love the type you chose, and the animation is alright but from your reel, its clear you can do something way cooler, like the Blesk piece for instance. Your reel is too long, there are a lot of shots that aren't up to par with the rest of your work. This is what stood out to me: the MTVpoopypants shot with the rubble in the foreground (not much going on there), the MTV Open Air piece where the meteor hits (looks just like an Andrew Kramer tutorial), the panorama projection piece (while really cool is difficult to showcase in a showreel and feels out of place), and the helicopter shot (the animation on the chopper isn't great and the shot right after of the mechanical parts and engine show your 3d ability much better). The last thing is your edit/song choice. The beat of the song you chose is pretty repetitive, the drum fills are few and far between and the guitar riff doesn't change much either. The point I'm getting at is you want to chose a song that going to give you lots of points to edit to, the more time changes there are the more interesting your edit can be. I've linked to this before and Im sure I will again but watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAKX02JQ17Q see how he uses the music to guide his edit? speed ramping, jump cutting, and even shot selection all are tied to the music track. it makes for a very engaging edit even if you turn the sound off. Just so you don't think Im shitting all over your stuff, I think you've got some really great work. You put in the time and that shows through.
  4. I've got what I think is a similar problem to this one. I've animated my luminance channel (a neon tube flickering on) and dropped that in a cloner. Im trying to offset the flicker by a frame or two, but once all the lights are on they just stay on. Any tips? Google hasnt helped much, but Im not exactly sure what to search for even. gracias muchachos...
  5. The question then becomes is the price low enough to overcome the drawbacks? 3k for RAW files, Resolve, and Scopes. A couple more grand for a battery solution and some HDDS. I've messed around with some of the RAW files they posted a few weeks ago and the files are very robust. Personally I think its a great deal.
  6. Did they get Duke Nukem to do some VO work on this one?
  7. No enemies! looks like your saying the same thing I was trying to say (I failed apparently). The long and short of it is that yes, I would take her back after she did that to me. When something works exactly the way you want it to, its hard to wrap your mind around using anything else. even if it is cheaper and faster. Maybe foolishness and are optimism two sides of the same coin. I'll find out at the end of next year.
  8. The other day I did a search for Fred Camino. That guy killed me....
  9. A bit abstract and a lot old (and really fucking weird that it happens to be about Chris and that for some reason I remembered this old thread to begin with). I think this sums up the argument. Some people want a solution that works well AND looks good doing it, some just want to get the job done. If your in the first camp you're used to spending more money and you cant understand why anyone wouldn't spend the extra money to get the the more elegant solution. Vis versa people in the second camp can't see the logic in spending that much more money for something that does the same thing. At then end of the day make a cool thing. No one gives a shit what computer you made it on.
  10. For a split second I thought you were talking about the band, or is that too far back for this thread?
  11. That is indeed of what I speak. After typing that sentence I had to check the mirror to make sure I hadn't turned into Yoda....
  12. Bryce 3D... anyone...? Bueller...?
  13. I've got a G5 I bought in late 2004 and she's still running. I used to tote it all over the place. They seem like pretty tough machines.
  14. I don't know, but I would imagine thats alright. I'm no lawyer though.
  15. if its for commercial use some of the landmarks need clearance, like the hollywood sign for example.
  16. do they want you to record VO (youll have to use your own voice or record/pay talent)? Music? How long do you think it will take to do? How much is your time worth? I usually figure out those things, and then I have a gut feeling about a price. When I go with that most of the time it seems to work out. Also make sure you set a hard limit on revisions, This is where a job can go from profitable to nightmare. side note: an animation about how to insert an earphone? like... putting in an earbud? is there :30 seconds of material to mine there?
  17. Using a wacom doesnt yield the smoothest lines, but it gives a certain sloppy look. If thats that you're going for then rad. I did it for a project once that was supposed to look like a kid was drawn on a white board. I think it worked out in that situation.
  18. I watched season 1 last year. It was so damned bleak and depressing I couldn't bring myself to watch anymore. I usually enjoy being conflicted about a character (first half S01 of Homeland was pitch perfect) but in this case I just feel pity for everyone in the show.
  19. Depends on the places you are applying at. A production company might see some value in a guy that can shoot, design, and animate. A straight up design studio won't really have much use for the first one. So at the end of the day its up to you. I had some stuff that I shot in my reel and it helped me land a job at a production company. You should spend the time picking a good track. While its true that most people probably turn off the sound to view a reel, some don't. Why not pick a good track just in case. As far as cutting to the beat, absolutely! Ill refer you to another post about the same thing: http://mograph.net/board/index.php?showtopic=27733&st=0&p=204959&&do=findComment&comment=204959 Also, if someone does decide to turn off the music while watching your reel, your edit will be infinitely more interesting visually cutting to the beat even though they cant hear it. I think its all about animation if you want to be an animator. I've seen a lot of sites for guys who market them selves solely as designers and theres very little motion. Guys like the other Justin Harder ( http://clausstudios.com ) or Brian Gossett ( http://work.briangossett.com ). These guys don't animate, and thats alright. There are also a ton of motion designer reels (look at just about anyones reel on this site)where you see design AND animation. Lastly theres straight animators, and thats all they do. At the end of the day it comes down to what you like doing the most. Do that.
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