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  1. https://vimeo.com/17491537 This may inspire you a bit..I can tell they only had stills to utilize but they got around it in a creative way.. This might get the gears moving in your head
  2. I'd like to know from other's experience which career path accelerates your skills at a faster pace. Im assuming that learning from many different(as opposed to the same) AD'S/leads will be more beneficial but I may be wrong. I've debated going staff later in my career,so I can justify asking for a higher salary not too far south of what I would make freelancing. Im curious because I may have a staff offer on the table, and I want to hear some different experiences from both sides about skill development. My skill set would be considered Jr./Mid level and I work in NYC if that helps you tailor your advice for me. Thanks guys!
  3. Would love any more feedback that anyone has.
  4. Thanks man I made the changes and I agree that helped tremendously.
  5. Hey guys, I just uploaded my brand new site and reel for the year 2014. Would love any feedback you guys may have. http://www.jordonderr.com
  6. Thanks for the helpful advice. I made the necessary changes and I agree it does look better. Anyone else?
  7. Hey all, I figured I would let you guys take a look at my site with my reel and some work and tell me what you all think. Thanks alot. http://www.jordonderr.com
  8. Hey all, Im looking to get a junior position in NYC and I figured I would let you guys take a look at my site with my reel and some work and tell me what you all think. Thanks alot. https://jordon-derr.squarespace.com/reel
  9. King and Country has a reel dedicated to their endtags if you want to check that out
  10. They just won't be the same man. He was one of the most talented musicians I had the pleasure of hearing.He had complete control of his instrument and there won't be another in our lifetime. I'm still in shock because he was on the road to recovery. His family extended and immediate are in my prayers.
  11. http://www.macresource.co.uk/free_computer...ock/clock01.htm This is the method I always use when doing something similar. Hope this is of help!
  12. Wow, I am ever so grateful to all that posted. I was already expecting quality responses but I was amazed at how many others have been where I am. Thanks to every one who reached out to me personally,its a really good feeling to be new to a place but embraced like an old friend. If possible I really hope the mods will consider making this thread a sticky,because it feels like this is a serious matter that flies under the radar but affects many. I would love for others to be able to use this as a resource on surviving this career and the right way to go about it,because it has helped/changed my mind for the better. Thanks again!
  13. Im 22 right now and a week and some change freshly graduated.
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