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  1. yeah sometimes i'm my own worst enemy, thanks for the advice. I will try another MORE SIMPLE APPROACH.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I have had the paper work will in other scenes using the dynamics tag. How would you set this up in mograph?
  3. Firstly thank you for just clicking, Secondly my problem. Basically this is the idea, A4 paper spread out individually on floor spelling out a word, "ONE" then a gust of wind ( mograph effectors / Pwind / wind / Plain effector / Inheritance effector ) lifts the paper up into the air and then shuffles the pages in a turbulent manner. Then as the paper randomly falls back to the floor to it's originally position spelling a new word, "TWO". I have got to a stage where i have the papers lifting up nice but the fall to the ground is the tricky part. You see a freeze or friction node in thinking particles stops the particle motion , which i don't want, want the papers to rise to a curtain high but keep motion. SO i thought clone matrices onto the particles and add a random effector with turbulent noise to simulate a wind like move, but its not really giving the correct motion of them mixing around. I want the papers to spin and mix around like it's in a vortex or wind tunnel horizontally, then drop to floor. I have tried an inheritance effector to push the maxtrix node to final resting point , but the matrix point go to opposite indexes which makes it look shite. Help Please see my scene file: lalala- dropbox.com/s/qdvtysifxvb721u/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example%202.c4d lalala- dropbox.com/s/ypdejsuyi793hxi/paper%20work_4dcafe%20scene%20example.c4d
  4. HI peeps, I running cd4 11.530 on windows 7 64bit. I have in stalled a couple of pluggins but only one of the seem to have appeared in my pluggins tad with in C4d. The only one that word was the Olx pluggin the rest which were , Destruction_0_1_3, NextLimit, VrayBridge_1.0821 and VrayLibs_1.0821 but as i said do not show up. WTF any comment would help
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