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  1. Turkish Hip Hop channel? Never heard of it. What's the official name of this channel?
  2. I agree, having the sole USB2 interface isn't ideal for motion/video work as an external hard drive. But you can always remove the actual hard drive and use it inside your case. Afterall, this (confirmed) is the actual hard drive they have inside the enclosure. Yes, Hitachi might be getting ready to introduce a newer version of the 1TB hard drive.
  3. Yes, in-store only! It's an amazing deal. But not all stores may have it. Just got to find it by going to multiple locations I guess. Also, it's confirmed that one can remove the hard drive off of its enclosure to use it inside a computer case, which I'll be doing.
  4. The SKU is #8355497. Check it out and hopefully your local Best Buy store has a few in stock! Store Locator
  5. No problem. Anything I can do to help my fellow mographers. 3.2Ghz is pretty decent and you can achieve that without raising the vcore (CPU voltage). That's impressive if you think about it, going from 2.4 (Q6600), 2.66GHZ (Q6700) to 3.2Ghz with default voltage is crazy! Intel has done a great job with these cpu(s). I just found a buyer for my Q6600 so I ordered Q6700 to replace it. Hopefully it'll be a decent CPU. I'm planning on taking it to 3.8Ghz on air. 4 cores of 3.8Ghz is a must when it comes to unbiased rendering engines.
  6. Yes, it's discontinued but retailers still sell it. If you catch a good deal on Formula where the price becomes almost same as P5E or even lower - I'd go with that. On the other hand, P5E is still in production. X48 w/ DDR2 is great as well but the price difference isn't justified at all. I'd stay away from DDR3 until prices come down a bit. Way too expensive at the moment. You can actually load Rampage BIOS onto P5E and Formula to gain a bit more speed and some more memory tweaking options. That list that I gave you is the one. No need to do any further research. Been doing it myself for a while. Look for PK rather than PQ version of G-Skill memory and if you are not going to lap your CPU and heatsink, I'd go with OCZ Vendetta 2 rather than Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme. Make sure to purchase OCZ Freeze Thermal Interface Material if you decide to go with OCZ Vendetta 2. For power supply, either PC Power & Cooling or newer OCZ PSU(s). OCZ recently acquired PC Power & Cooling. You can always visit www.overclock.net for tips and etc.
  7. Vista Ultimate 64bit or Windows 2008 Server (Standard Edt.) 64bit Asus P5E or Asus Maximus Formula (the latter is discontinued) Q6700 (since the prices came down, this processor's price got slashed almost 50%) 8GB (2GB x 4) G-Skill DDR2 ThermalRight Ultra-120 Extreme with some serious 120mm fan This system will yield 3.6Ghz pretty easily and if you dare to lap your IHS and CPU (3.8 or 4.0Ghz shouldn't be that hard to achieve)
  8. I should have known that it was created by 1st Ave. Machine. It looks just like their video they made for Alias (not the software co.). Here
  9. Yeap, this is the one Thanks andyscott! p.s: the soundtrack used on the web isn't the same as the TV version. TV version has a remixed version of I Monster - Day Dream in Blue.
  10. I can't for the life of me find the new AT&T commercial on the web. Did anyone come across it yet? It's the one with blooming flowers with cellphones as the anthers.
  11. I have purchased FRYRENDER and love it to death for still shots. A rendering engine doesn't get any more realistic than FRYRENDER. But it isn't suitable for mograph since unbiased rendering engines tend to produce grain and when animated, these will almost act like GI flickers. Plus, each frame will cost you 3 - 5 hours (800x600) on the average.
  12. congrats on you new Quad. I'll be joining you once I get the rest of my hardware. I'll be shooting for 3.6 or even 3.8Ghz.
  13. That sucks big time. Usually, the co. that hires you should take the initiative to get you a work permit. This is the logic immigration requires: First, your co. needs to post a job listing and then prove that no one but yourself replied or even if more than one person replied (incl. yourself), you were the most qualified. Therefore an alien can be given the work visa because there wasn't a qualified American citizen or greencard holder that was available at the time of the job listing. Usually this process costs big bucks and there are quotas associated with H1B visa. Let me give you an advice, do not ever brake the immigration laws. Even if it's for one day or one hour of illegal status - you are toast. Good luck!!!
  14. A free web based version of good old Photoshop (with some reduced capabilities of course).
  15. Oh yeah, it sold out pretty fast. No worries, here's another deal. But this time for $199. Micro Center
  16. My first post here. Wanted to christen it in style Just ordered one and the total came out to be $186.92 Let me tell you folks, this is an unheard of deal. This puppy retails between $240 ~ $280. Grab a sub $150 P35 mobo with 8GB DDR2 RAM and you'll have a monster workstation on budget. FRYS
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