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  1. Sounds like Trapcode Horizon. http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/trapcode-horizon/
  2. Anyone know of a video player or a wordpress plugin that allows you to play two videos at once and has a vertical slider bar that you can move back and forth to compare the two videos? I know I've seen it done before, but everything I search for on Google comes up with unwanted results. Basically this, but for video: http://www.catchmyfame.com/2009/06/25/jquery-beforeafter-plugin/
  3. Anyone have a problem copying text from a text document and then pasting it into a text layer in After Effects after this update? I've heard of this problem before, but I've never experienced it until I applied the new update. I tried copying from Word as well as Text Edit, I also tried pasting into the search boxes in After Effects first (which worked fine), but when I tried pasting into the text layer it didn't work. I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8. The only solution was to restart After Effects, but it came up again just a few minutes later.
  4. Are you using Trapcode Form? I was having a similar problem when I was using version 1.1 and using the presets as a starting point. If that is the case, then download the most recent version you can from this page and see if that helps: http://www.redgiants...e-form/updates/ If it's not that, then I don't know. Image added.
  5. This is awesome. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know what studio worked on this new Nissan commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRqGa75IS04
  7. Yeah... that example is just for one object with a bend deformer on it. I doubt that really helps you out. I'm not that good at Xpresso yet, but I thought maybe something in that setup might push you in the right direction. I do wish the delay effector would work in the way you're trying to get it to, though. Seems really useful.
  8. From the comments on this post by Tim Clapham: Not sure if that really helps with your problem, but I thought it might be somewhat useful.
  9. You can use Carbon Copy Cloner and clone your current boot drive to your SSD, then once that's done, set the SSD as your startup disk. After you reboot, go to System Preferences > Accounts and right-click your account and choose Advanced Options. In the Home directory field, choose the home directory that you have on your bigger drive. After you reboot, you should be able to just delete your Home folder from the Users folder on your new SSD Boot Drive (don't delete the Users or Users > Shared folders).
  10. I guess I should have waited a little bit longer to make a post, because I think I figured out a solution. Just have to link up the parameters you want to vibrate (P.X,P.Z,R.H in my case) from the Vibrate Null to the corresponding Random Effector's Transform Parameters in Xpresso. Nothing too difficult, just took a little bit of time to figure out the right solution. I need to learn more Xpresso anyways.
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