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  1. AWEESOME!!!! Thanks Zack for going full steam ahead to get this sweet site back up and alive. I couldnt imagine the backend... Here's to the next verision of mograph.net!
  2. This is great feedback. I need to optimize my portfolio to be more related to work that is in the realm I'm in. Thank you so much!
  3. Hey guys! I work at a mobile gaming company and my chances to do motion work are fairly slim since I do more editing than anything else here but I wanted to at least share what I've been able to put together and listen in on your feedback. https://vimeo.com/156914703 These pieces usually come to life within a short time frame and done on my own to help support a specific event or new feature. Thanks for checking it out if you do! The rest of what I've done can be found here: http://www.lukaszpason.com
  4. So, I can get the position data of specific clones through their index number. But How do I add a specific distance to each clone to create a perfect procedural grid with a single cloner. Index 0 = 100. Add 50 to Index 1. and so on... Is this possible with xpresso?? EDIT: I found a script. http://cyborgdino.com/2012/01/adaptive-cloner-for-c4d/
  5. Hey Mograph! I'm trying to find this personal piece that was made using this fish that had numerous different materials that it changed into. It even came with a whole BTS with all the design mocks and everything. I can't remember the name and I've looked through all my likes on Vimeo a few times... Any help would be amazing!!! It was all created in C4D if that helps at all...
  6. https://vimeo.com/1563485 https://vimeo.com/25678978 https://vimeo.com/22298831 https://vimeo.com/17631561 https://vimeo.com/50840496 https://vimeo.com/7979083
  7. Starting price point of $2399 Good luck everyone!!
  8. Can someone post the PSD? It's not showing up as available for me.
  9. Would there be some crazy way to add the bend deformer to the spline and then clone it? I'm not sure but i'll keep my mind on it.
  10. Java. http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript-combined
  11. I think you can do this with this awesome script but it would take some work. http://aescripts.com/locations/
  12. Hey! So I just purchased Newton and I was trying to create particles that work with it and I found this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/27914483#at=0 I'm sure someone here knows of it and has used it. I'm encountering an error and I hope someone else is having it to. When I launch it from the Window menu it tells me to select a layer and then then UI panel has no 'Create' button in it. Has anyone else encountered this? Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Lukasz
  13. So I have a frame that was made in illustrator with very few points. Extruded it. Made it editable. Subdivided the cap to make a line in the middle of the frame. Pulled the inside points out on the Z to make a sharp bevel on a thin frame for a logo. My problem is that I have like a million points now and object has these weird lines that run along the frame... Does anyone know how I can optimize this object???
  14. Seriously though, thanks guys! I appreciate any help!
  15. In my back pocket at all times... =P
  16. Sure... wanna give it to me? =P I was looking at learning it really quick and trying to make this but I just don't know if I have the time for this project... hmmm...
  17. thanks for the suggestions guys! Ill take a whirrl when I can!
  18. I've looked around the web and I can't find a resource on how to at least get started with something like this. If you take a cube and you want to melt it into just a puddle of water and back to the logo it was, how can I start something like this? The melt deformer isn't good for this and metaballs are not really working out for me. I'm just not sure where to go from here and I'd love to get any insight. Thanks in advance if you have 2 cents to share! Cheers, Lukasz
  19. I found my own solution to it! Thanks for listening... =) Here's the project file if you want to see: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98105/Visibility_falloff.c4d
  20. I figured it would be really easy to get this to work and it almost was until I decided to click the falloff button and animate it... The cloner object only reads the shader and the fall off doesnt work on the whole object... I'm sure I can find a cheat for it but I was wondering if anyone else had the same issues...
  21. Nevermind... A boole with a rounded rectangle worked perfect.
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