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  1. Hey everyone, I'm not sure what I'm missing here but I'd like to do an inner extrude, kind of like building a TV, but when I extrude in, i'd like to round my edges... I've tried a couple of ways but I'm at a loss. Help please!
  2. At the end of my post I stated "my head hurts"... well after 4 advil and 20 minutes later, I looked at the scene and realized that what I was doing was dumb. I was trying to rotate the wrong paramaters and I built my hierarchy allll wrong. I started over. It's all better now... Thank you!
  3. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/98105/C%20Stripped%20Down.c4d
  4. ok... So if you object axis directly in the center it will rotation the object directly from there... well apparently the rules dont apply to me and the object starts to push away from the axis im rotating it on and once I get back around its in its perfect center again... does this makes sense? My head hurts...
  5. So I can get my PStorm to wrap my particles around a sphere using the PVolume but I dont know how its supposed to let the particles continue on after they go around the sphere. Basically they get stuck to it... I have no idea what to do now... Any help?
  6. I know that a lot of people had problems with downloading the video and viewing it on cineversity so I found a downloadable version and put it up on my vimeo page. I tweeted at the folks at Maxon about it and they never got back to me, but if they dont want me to have it up there, its not a problem to take it down. But in the meantime, you can find it here:
  7. I just got Lenscare too so I may go that route too, who knows it might look better. I'm noticing that having RSMB do crazy blur isnt going to help me which is to bad because it helped with rendering (stuck it on an adjustment layer to only blur a certain portion.) thx guys!
  8. I could just re-render with motion blur out of C4D, I was just trying to get more control out of AE is all.
  9. I dont know if it will give me what i'm looking for, that long over exaggerated motion blur... thx for helping!
  10. So I finally got RSMB and after being so excited to use it... I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I have your basic text fly onto camera into center fly off into the distance with RSMB on it. I get some weird results with this. Check out the photo to see the mid frame. Has anyone else dealt with this? I also tried a vector pass but that game me bad blurs too. Any help would be great on how to find a solution! Cheers, Lukasz
  11. I took a peak into the different sites and I am excited to get into it! Thx for showing them to me! I may try to replicate the effects and maybe do some of my first tutorials around them. We'll see. Thx again!
  12. Much thx!! I'd still be interested in devoting some time to making these effects in C4D with someone. Could be a fun experiment!
  13. I found these amazing tutorials on thinking particles but the TP that they are using is different than the one that comes in C4D. Is there anyone there that would be willing to try and convert them to tutorials for C4D?! I'd help with my complete lack of knowledge of TP just to learn it all front to back! http://vimeo.com/communityro
  14. It might be my next personal project to take a crack at this... could be fun! you could even invert the way it reads it and have particles roll around the tube or something... just make sure you have a null thats rotating at the head of the sweep
  15. Do as you wish with it and I hope you learn something from it! Fair warning, all the action script really hits the CPU. drop it to quarter res you should be fine. =)
  16. I've been DJing with the 280HD's for a few years now, I love the quality as well as the tight fit around my ears. They do come very tight so you have to give them a moment to loosen up. Over all i love'em and they have been great. moving onto my 3rd pair now!
  17. Straight to mograph before brushing my teeth...

  18. Looking forward to seeing the final product! I might take a whirrl at this myself. =)
  19. So many people out there have shared their work and knowledge and I figured that it was time to give back. I hope this really helps someone out! Enjoy! -- Side Note -- Is there a way to upload to mograph?
  20. Couldnt you put an object buffer on a sweep nurb, ad external compositing to a null that follows the head of the sweep and have particular generate particles only within the luminance of the sweep from the multi-pass? Did that make sense?
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