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  1. H79

    my new portfolio

    I think you are right. I need the help of one friend to refine the whole thing.. thank you very much, your point of view was very useful for me bye, holke
  2. H79

    my new portfolio

    Hello First sorry for my english.. Thanks for the comments ! hehe.. I know it is not the way to do it right, but I was only focused on the feeling that I am looking for.. One day I was updating my myspace and, without wanting, I made that "broken link" image I like how it looks because I find very interesting randomness and decomposition and chaos. I like the idea of building the structure of the portfolio with this type of errors: I am looking for some "retro web" look and I a huge fan of 70´s Punk design and fanzines.. I don´t how it looks ... hehe But I find myself confortable with it thanks again for the comments, I apreciate it a lot : P holke
  3. H79

    my new portfolio

    hello everyone, I am looking for opinions : holke79 I just uploaded some works... What about having a PDF file with a review of the job and cv? thanks a lot ! holke
  4. Hello everybody ! I ride fixed in Madrid, Spain. Is nice and the bike is (I think .. hehe) very cool. I have a road bike too.. I love riding to the studio through the "El retiro" park in Madrid.. hasta luego !
  5. thanks ! I´m a fan of 80´s too..... : P
  6. mmm... very good idea... in the next one could be !
  7. thanks ! the title is a reference to the Magritte famous painting "ce n'est pas una pipe" : http://www.felsefeekibi.com/forum/uploads/...9_magritte6.jpg is only a little (not funny? hehe) joke.. I also love the song "This is not a love song" from the Sex Pistols: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wswEM3HrD0 thanks again !
  8. Hi everyone ! here is my new reel, www.holke79.com I´m working in the brand new Tavo´s studio (TOCH) and also as freelance. thanks for the attention ! holke
  9. very useful Andrew. You are da man.. thanks !
  10. H79

    new reel

    thanks ! I agree..
  11. H79

    new reel

    hello ! here is my new reel: http://www.holke79.com/videoReel.htm I need some feedback.. thanks !
  12. H79

    my new portfolio

    thanks ! I agree..
  13. H79

    my new portfolio

    thanks a lot for the critics !!
  14. H79

    my new portfolio

    hi from spain ! there is: http://www.holke79.com feedbacks are welcome thanks !
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