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  1. Whats the best project management software out there for an individual? I'm looking for an all in one solution that can help me schedule projects/organise my time as well as my finances... I was looking at Skylightit.com but is there anything else out there (free)?
  2. wow thanks for such a detailed response...really helps paint a picture! ...if you managed to see my site - do you think I could get work/represented?
  3. I would love to relocate to the area but have no experience of it. I'm not sure where to start looking for agencies/companies for design work... I've been working in a creative agency for the past 5 years in London as a graphics generalist - motion graphics, branding etc and now I'm looking for a fresh 'sunnier' challenge! If anyone has any advice or pointers I would really appreciate it ! Please check out my work.... dylanlategan.com
  4. ... any advice for how I should use 4:3 work in a widescreen showreel without it looking a bit skinny would be greatly appreciated ? Thanks !
  5. dylan

    my NEW REEL

    Hello and thank you for your interest. check my reel at : http://www.whitecoatproductions.co.uk/dyla...nshowreel08.mpg I've been creating title sequences for a tv channel over in the UK for a year since graduating and I'm looking for a change of scenery I'd love some advice or tips on the edit and who to approach. Many thanks for your time !
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