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  1. New video is up! Today I give my thoughts on complaining vs. problem solving. -->
  2. As a quick update my schedule for posting videos will be 12pm central Tuesday and Thursday. Please reach out with any topics that you might like me to discuss and I will cover them in future videos! Have a blessed week! Chad cmzerodesign.com
  3. Hey All, I have been given a ton over the years by this community and its about time to give back. So I decided to get past my fear of being on camera and talk about a bunch of different topics. This is not a tutorial based channel mainly because the internet is full of this type of material and I wanted to do something that could help in other ways. These videos will be raw, off the cuff conversations so I will need your help for topics to cover or ideas that we should discuss so please like, share, and subscribe. Hopefully this will help in some small way! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjmgFw3xRaPo49RMm6rF4UA Thanks all for your time! Chad cmzerodesign.com
  4. Nevermind thanks to the internet and smart people. I have figured it out!
  5. Hey All, I am trying to get clones to attach to a weight map I have created with little luck. I have tried using a shader effector with the color channel using fusion/black layer on top/layer mask using the weight map/bottom color is white but the shader effector does not like it. It does change the sphere to the proper color but the shader effector does not do anything. Any help would be awesome! Thanks, Chad
  6. I actually have been trying to learn to draw and that has been wonderful! It's very satisfying learning new things.
  7. Funny that I just hopped on today for the first time in forever to see all of the smiling avatars that helped me learn so much all those years ago. May you all have a great New Years! p.s. I miss that old feeling of newness that I had when I first found mograph any ideas on how to bring that wonderful feeling back?
  8. Anytime you need me just give me a ring. I am opening my availability starting the middle of next month so if you have something you would like to collab on ill be here!
  9. Great work Ed! I have looked up to you for awhile now. I enjoyed the variety of the work and also the pacing of the edit. It really keeps the energy up! Only thing that jumped out were a couple times the quick edit showed frames that were not as flattering as others. For example :47-:48 did not really show me anything that was visually appealing. Other than that great work!
  10. Only saw it post up on twitter (you know the only true news source). I believe they were testing the gpu abilities of the titan vs other cards. I just found it fascinating.
  11. Check this spread sheet I saw. I think posted today. They are bench testing renders through AE on several setups https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/oimgkey=0AuE_AZZfskx3dHotTzVGamhiUkIySTUteGlzeG9xMEE&oid=6&zx=4b87cbodocm
  12. LMFAO I can not believe it took me more than 5 seconds to get that. Thank you parallax for that!
  13. Thats great that the new version of AE will include those sets of plugins. Very cool!
  14. Man I think its about time to pick up nuke. I got a version here that I can use but with the workload I have not had a chance to learn and use it. Thank you for such a great explanation! Now how do you handle the file sizes with the multi passes all being exr? Could using something like .iff or png be a benefit or a curse? I have been using a png or tiff for the main diffuse and then an iff for the multi. Pros/cons of iff ?
  15. Well I for one am very excited to have you back in the community. Looking forward to seeing some of your new work and maybe if we are lucky some awesome new tutorials!
  16. Have you noticed any lag when stacking tons of exr passes? Similar to having 10 multi pass layers I notice that the read and write causes a huge slow down. That really is the big reason I am looking at 1 multi layer file. Hoping it will alleviate some of the massive file sizes and also help speed up my workflow a bit.
  17. I turned off the main diffuse pass and just rendered through the multi pass and it worked. I had no idea you could render your main beauty through the multi pass. Very cool
  18. The actual openexr format is yes but it still renders multiple files. Maybe I am approaching it wrong?
  19. Hey all, So I have been trying to do some research on the .exr format and have been unable to find any info on the possiblity of having multilayer exrs output out of cinema. Anyone have any news? Is Cinema even considering doing something like this? I know rpf and rla will retain most of the data that openexr does but would like to know if this would be another viable option in the near future. Also I have been considering moving back to 3ds lately and am wondering. Anyone here use 3ds for daily mographing work? Any comments pros cons? Thanks all Chad
  20. Just ran across this thread as I am considering upgrading my home machine. I am running a 4.5 yr old i7 right now that has been great. Did you build your on new machines Ed or did you have someone build them for you? Did you pick up your parts from newegg? Awesome work Ed I would love to come down sometime and check them out if I ever get to visit with my wife when she goes to see her family!
  21. Thanks Ed! It would be an honor to collaborate with you guys!
  22. Thanks so much for the feedback and the love on the work! That reel is fabulous. I think the reasoning in my mind when lengthening the shots to show them was because the majority of the work this past year was personal/side work instead of direct client work. I completely understand and agree with you about my edit. Once I get a couple new pieces together I will start messing with the edit and make it more engaging. Thank you for that feedback! I actually took a job and moved to St. Louis almost a year ago. I still need to update my profile here That is why this year has not had very much client work. Hopefully this year will allow me a much better opportunity to run with some projects so they can make the reel cut.
  23. Thanks John! Means a lot coming from you!
  24. Hey All, New reel is up! Same as always would love some feedback! Thanks for your time all! https://vimeo.com/62961104
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