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  1. Hello, anybody knows a tutorial or where I can get an example file of thinking particle multishape emitter where the particles follow a spline? Seems to be so easy to think..but i did not manage to find any tut or file explaining this. And also..how do i create a new particle group? I'm getting crazy with that. Thanks in advance. Angelsign
  2. Tha's a really bad news.. Any workaround? I'm really dissapointed about this! Maxan should fix this immseditly! Some suggestions?
  3. Hello guys, I'm working with cinema 10.5 and trying to exclude hair (hair tag) in a light (scene tab) so that hairs are not illuminated. It does not work at all...anyone of you have a clue how to achieve this? Just want to control illumination for hair and other elements in the scene. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks to all of you and for all your kind words spent for me. Actually I also have to say thank you because for all this time you have been my "light". I wrote it everywhere ... from 13th to 22th I'll be in NY for F5 conference...If you want to drink something and meet me..just drop me an email. I would love to try this jump in US business. Again, Thanks so much. Danilo
  5. Two chances...or my stuff is so awesome that your jaw dropped, or just too bad you don't even have a voice for a comment... :D Is there anybody out there? Cheers guys!
  6. Ok folks, here we are. It was a rush but my new portfolio is now online. http://www.angelsign.net/ Let me know what you think! Thank for your time! AS
  7. Hello Guys! I'm working hard to complete my new website updated with last works.( It will be online monday) I'm looking forward for your comments. Thanks in advance! Angelsign.net
  8. As i said i need a regular status for being hired.. Any other suggestion? I can' t believe I'm the first one in this situation. Hope some of you can help me with precious advices.. thanks AS
  9. Hello guys..I'm in the same troubles as a lot of you talk about trying to get US and a Visa My problem is a bit different..I mean.. There's a really big global company it would like to hire me as freelance, but it does not want to sponsor me because of the costs (they say). The work last in a couple of month..so actually it won't take so long. And they don't want to have any risk hiring me without a regular status. I have a 5 years degree and 5 years experience producing packages aired on major European channels. Anyone of you can help me and pointing me some way for reaching the goal? I don't need to stay in US lifetime..I just need a couple of months...that's all.. Is the situation still so tricky? What kind of visa should I point to? Thanks in advance! AS
  10. It's a shame cinema4d doesn't allow to control point individually..such a base option! maya!!...where are you??
  11. Seems there is no other way for linking points to any other object but using xpresso...is that correct? I've basicly no knowledge about xpresso..so any other suggestion,tutorials or some example where to look it would be really much appreciated! Someone can help me on that? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hello guys, I'm running C4d r9, is there a way to animate points (pla) and having control of each individual point of my object with a curve with bezier handles for each ? Cause all the points have one single animation controller (bias) that doesn't allow me to achieve the result I'm looking for. I Just would like animate each point individually. Thanks a lot !
  13. Thanks for spending your time reviewing my work and for all your great advices, It seems my work has been mostly appreciated but for my nature I'd like to ask you some more. Which shot you think it would be better to cut away from my reel? Beside that I'll start re-thinking my about section, I agree with you is too much detached from who I really am. Thanks a lot Angelsign
  14. Well guys, I do think you can do and say more. What I mean is that most of you are from all over the world and I suppose especially from USA and UK where motion graphics and adv are on the edge and a lot of money is spent in order to make this market grow every day and more important to grow in the best way. From my side I'm from Italy and I'm onest, in here money are spent because it has to be spent, and job are given because you're are friend of someone. In any case it's been passed about 5 years since I started loving and producing motion graphics, and what I've learned and achieved is from my constant studying on the net, through mograph.net and motiongrapher, always tring to make myself growing as more as i can. Right now I feel in here so constrained, that's why I'm valuating the freelance way and more important foreign markets. So please an help pointing me out which are my weaknesses it would be so good and grateful from my side. Hope you understand what I mean... That said my website where you'll find 2008 reel. Thanks so a lot. Angelsign
  15. Hello guys, just wanted to share with you my new reel and website. I'd like to know what you really think about it! www.angelsign.net Thanks!
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