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  1. I bought tims learn c4d in a day and it really is pretty well rounded. I'd recommend it vs poking around various tutorial sites. Doesn't go over any xpresso or particles, but to get a quick refresher I think it's good.
  2. ^^ x2 *edit.. and if you aren't in that top percentage, learn something else and keep moving..
  3. I'm not offended at all. I welcome opinions/debates as it broadens my thought process. Yes I've had instances where I was explicitly requested although there were other people capable of performing the same job and if not 'better'. I had a certain presence that they wanted, but I just couldn't shuffle projects to accommodate. So I speak from personal experience and understand that it may not necessarily be a blanket statement. If we look at traditional artists, they sell their artwork. Why is computer based any different?(since we're on mograph here) It's an acquired skill as well as execution. "Do clients come to you". Well, yea? Do you not get people come to YOU specifically for something? I have yet to advertise outside a logo intro that I tag on some videos or my logo on event flyers that I may decide to be apart of. A majority of my clients come to me for various reasons. I've only reached out to a few, but again, I'm a small fish in this big sea. Nor do I try to look at the big sea 'cause it can be overwhelming. I just take small strides at a time. In short, I'm in agreement with you that it's probably a small instance and not as broad as I envision. Interesting as I didn't know R&H was doing so. Which, now that I think about it, why? aren't we not trying to get to this 'outsourced' state? I'm sure there is a hell of a lot of information I'm missing, but somebody got paid. right? soooooooooooooo how come others didn't? :/ Greed? I'm going to say, yea, possibly. *again this is limited extensive knowledge of this specific situation. I think we're discussing VFX as a whole vs this one instance, just using it as the springboard for the discussion. In regards to the artists enjoyment (which is what I said earlier) I can understand. I'm sure they all enjoy doing it just as we do and they didn't see it coming. But as an individual artist, did you not acquire any other skill? Were you a "roto monkey" and you didn't learn anything else? Recall the earlier post which I state that both company A and employee B are working together to reach individual goals. Don't feel as though you cant be replaced, because you will. So while you're @ company A doing a job, do that job well, but then think about your personal goals and what you need to do to get there. As BoArlander said - ..""problem solver" which is the root of it all." That's it. Acquire skills that allow you to be a good problem solver. Then it would be easier to jump from train to train (don't know what it is with me and trains >.<) Thanks! Well in regards to the decisions, its that, your decisions. Your foresight to decide if you should stay in the right lane, or drift to the middle a bit. Need to think about where you're going and what you need to get there. Even if you're just driving and not sure where you're going, you should look around and see whats going on. In regards to what my company does, I do 'all of the above'. In conjunction with other IT related tasks. I do hire others when needed though, but I keep my same mentality "I'm hiring you to do X to give you Y.(in short)" I try not to present myself as "HEY I CAN DO EVERRRYYYTHAAAANNGGG" because it would be difficult for a client to say 'oh yea, I know a guy'. So during dialog I'm (subconsciously) looking for your problem. If I feel as though I can solve that problem, I begin to offer some advice and then display how I can solve those problems. If I don't "see a problem", then I present video on a personal level for events. Everyone has a birthday or some sort of event they want captured. I throw that in if I cant find anything else. Those clients that come to me have come based on referral of someone I did something for. Based on whatever they are talking about, then thats what I providing for them and try to 'upsell' as things progress. As well, I have the company forefront to disguise the individualism. shhhhhhh (on a public forum) Again, I do have a team should the need arise. Also, I'm an easy going guy. I love life in its simplest form. I have 2 faces though, my professional face (ie: Red is red, black is black, I dont give a rats ass that you're waiting for so 'n so to pay you, you signed, pay me) and then my friendly face (ie: how's your health? hows the family? etc) I come across with the friendly till its time to do business. Then its very cut and A + B = C. Mind you, I've fallen trap to the being taken advantage of via my friendliness. But being that i've gone through that on many occasions, I can sniff it out and nip it in the bud. I think i've rambled quite enough. Again, I welcome chats! Sorry to have derailed a little bit. *curious how this is going to read tomorrow when I come back to see if I made sense or actually addressed 'questions'. or if I sound like an idiot. Thanks again for reading.
  4. This is pretty cool vozzz.
  5. *cough* this *cough* The IT guy isn't the one doing the creative work is he? I mean, his position should be to support machine and networks so you, the creative, can do what you need to do. </short>
  6. <3 @ Vozzz Curious how thats going to play out @ microdot. I'm sure i'll be hearing more about it shortly.
  7. I can understand and agree with that mentality. However, if you have a certain style/vibe/ethic then it becomes more of a relationship with your client and why they want to come to YOU vs 'outsourcing'. I'm sure you guys have experienced that at some point. Mind you that I'm not in the same boat as some of you as I'm not working with many teams for Nike or ESPN or whatever high end brands that I notice some of you deal with. So things 'up there' may be totally different when it isn't more personalized. In addition, unfortunately you do have to adjust to changing times. In earlier times there were companies that sold beepers. Cellphones evolved and those companies had to adjust, or drop out and find something else. So is the case in many other things. Personally I'm not a specialist, but more so a very good generalist. I constantly strive to better myself in many areas, but other skills do begin to lack and then fall off. However, I adjust based on what I enjoy doing and try to 'keep up' while maintaining my enjoyment. With that being said, my clients come along for the ride and evolve as I do. Some jump ship, some new ones jump on. So is the circle of life. If you cannot learn to jump from train to train sometimes, you will fall off once that train reaches the end. This world is getting smaller and smaller. Sidenote: Working for 'someone' is just a means to an end. "someone" needs you for XYZ to reach their goal. You work for them to get XYZ(money,skills,networking, whatever) to reach your goal. Together you're just at a happy medium for however long that is. The days of working 20yrs at one company and retiring to collect SS or a pension are pretty slim to nil in these times so (unfortunately) there is alot of "me me me" happening vs loyalty with a payoff. Adjust and keep moving. (I'm not implying to NOT be loyal. Just keep things in perspective) Now back on topic, I do think taking advantage of people is wrong overall. Not being paid for work is wrong period. Those VFX guys who put in loads of work and didn't get paid surely hurts my heart as a family man myself and I wish them a good outcome. I do think that something should be done and "we" don't just get shuffled under the rug as more and more companies will take advantage. The Gov't does have to play some sort of role in the resolution of the situation. It sucks because the cause and resolution is money. I'm not really sure where I stand in regards to the whole situation as I'm in a different lane. Mograph/vfx just happens to be a couple of the things i picked up and i'm enjoying, but not my single point of income for my family. Just one of the skill sets that keep me happy and allow to continue to provide. At the end of the day its about the decisions I make that help me do what I need to do to provide for my family. Sorry for the rant. I welcome any personal opinions directed to my PM unless its on topic. I think you guys are awesome btw. Difference in opinions and all.. You guys are pretty great at what you do. I'm one of many that watch you guys from afar. I'm a fan of many of you.
  8. Think he moved it - http://pinterest.com/shalomo/3d-tutorials-assets-cinema-4d/ @Shalomo - you have some nice stuff in your pinterest. http://pinterest.com/shalomo/
  9. Whilst I agree with the majority, I also see certain design as 'unique' and not something that can be outsourced entirely. You cant outsource an original picasso. If the design is a group effort, then I can understand since there are many 'chefs'. Whereas if a client wants something that YOU provide/create, it is a reflection of your individual personality which cant be created without you. That is, if the client sees that value. So now that I think about it, being in a 'director' position would be the ideal position that would fit in the above. </.02>
  10. Thanks for the reply again. It looks like there is some finagling of configs to enable OpenCL on cards >2gb in osx. This guy is using the 2.5gb card and enables open cl. http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1433644 also this guy in the red forum has it working in osx as well(although using this 'cubix' thing which looks pretty damn interesting): http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?83291-GTX-570-still-good-option Definitely considering the 2.5gb since its not that much more in price yet i'm getting an extra GB of ram. As well it appears that maybe mixing cards is fine : http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1323670 .. Couldn't find a whole lot on the card mixing, but worst case scenario I toss out the 512mb AMD and keep the 2.5gb nvidia.
  11. Thanks @superegophobia. I'm primarily using it for work. Trying to keep my gaming off this system to aleviate potential distractions . So which would you prefer for graphics work (ie: adobe/c4d workflow) staying below $500 that will work in conjunction with my current 4870? Or should I just replace the 4870 in lieu of this new card? Not sure if mixing cards would result in some odd system behaviour. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130687 This what you guys have? *edit Actually in short.. I'd like to spend <$400 (or a little above if necessary) to do work in premiere/afx/c4d.. Could careless about gaming performance.. I have 4,1 like you guys (although you guys have some differences so I dont know which i have until i crack open the case) that will work with my 4870 or again, just replace it.. So what do you recommend buying?
  12. Question: I'm thinking about getting a GTx580 to put in my 4,1 , but I'm a bit confused in regards to how to get this working as well as 'getting the right one'. I noticed when I searched on ebay that 1.5gb cards are ~$300, but then i see this seller 'macvidcards' who has the same cards for about double the price. Which then makes me wonder 'is there some physical altering that needs to occur to get it working?' Are there specific versions of the cards that will fit? I dont want to just buy and learn the hard way. As well, I'm searching till my eyes bleed on the proper info and i'm getting lost amongst all the collected internet opinions.. Therefore I come to you guys who I know will (or hope) give me proper info on helping me upgrade my video situation. Sidenote: I currently have HD4870 only in my machine. Anyhow. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated and congrats @anothername!
  13. This really sucks as I live about 30mins south of St. Lucie. DD was one of the BIGGEST things to happen around there. Not much else going on around there but orange groves and the likeness. Not much of a job market in that industry at all. Sad to see this happen especially since people coming from LA to work here, its a dramatic change ('city life' vs 'country life'). Now they have to adapt to 'country life' with no visual fx companies nearby to head over too.. its going to be rough.. This is going to be ongoing for a little while i see.. Wouldn't be surprised if some small businesses start popping up from employee alliances. And @eliss.. I agree man.. just sucks for the worker bees
  14. Foreal! I lurk on here from time to time and to see those posts, which obviously took some thought was great to see. I'm pretty new to mograph in general, but really like to see honest posts like those. They really help. Even those who it wasnt directly intended for.
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