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  1. Damn it. I bought the broadcast version about half a year ago, and last month I ordered the AR-module because I needed GI for a job. I even asked the shop if there´s an update coming out soon because I was having a bad feeling about it. Now there´s a new broadcast version WITH GI? So if I upgrade now I would pay 400€ for the update alone, when I just payed 460€ last month for the AR Module. So I guess the upgrade to R12 will have to wait a few months because I just invested in an old module which is now included in the upgrade anyway! However, still excited about the new features!
  2. Assign the Gradient to your Shader Effector. In the shading-tab of the effector, change the mode to color and drag your material-tag in. Disable "use alpha" in the effector-parameters and disable "tiles" in your texture-tag if it the gradient does not cover all the clones.
  3. Haha, maybe I took the "built the road with mograph"-part too literally. This sounds definitely like an easier way to do it, going to try it later. How would you get the blocks to appear random in front of the road then? An emitter following the SweepNurbs? Always curious to see how other people approach such things, I still tend to think too comlicated when it comes to c4d!
  4. I think you can get away with a little tweaking of this: - create a cube with the length of your road and enough subdivisions - create an open spline with the shape of your road - splinewrap of cube and spline - create a cube the size of the pieces the road should be built of - cloner object in object mode with the splinewrap-cube as reference - spline effector on the cloner-object with the spline of your road to get the shape right - a random effector for the Cloner Object - a simple effector with scale set to -1 to let the pieces disappear - animate the falloff of the simple and the random-effector Uploaded with ImageShack.us I´m sure there are far more elegant ways to do this, but it works. Still interested in the video you took the image from though to see how it was animated.
  5. dom2000


    I hate making the wrong decissions...just got me a new pc last month and had to choose between the geForce gtx 285 and the more pricey quadro fx 1800. Given the fact that the quadros are labeled "professional" I assumed that the mercury engine is only going to support quadros. Went with the quadro, and now it seems the cheaper geForce supports mercury engine, but my damn "professional" quadro does not. great! Oh, and the pricing in europe compared to US is just a joke! But it is not like we´re not used to it.
  6. This is something I should have figured out by now, but maybe I need some real world advice here: How do you approach new possible clients? I don´t have that many contacts and definetly need to contact the studios without knowing who is responsible for hiring freelancers there. Having read a few books about cold calling, it seems there are two possible solutions: 1. Calling the company, asking for the need of a freelancer and then, if you get the email of someone important, email that person with a short introduction and a link to your site/reel. The ball is in their park then and if they like what they see, you will propably get an appointment. 2. Somehow find out who is responsible for hiring, then write a letter (oldschool!) to them, also with an introduction who you are, what you do and where to find your reel online. In the letter mention that you are going to call in a couple of days to talk about the possibility to work with the company. I think both ways have pros and cons and I prefer method 1, still curious though how everyone else is doing this.
  7. Maybe you have changed the resolution in the render settings to quarter? I know that JPEGs are rendered in the resolution that you preview the comp, so maybe that is the case with psd-files too.
  8. I had the same problem and tried this trick I found on videocopilot. The video looked great then, but it did not play fluid...
  9. I´m having the exact same problem, but with adobe premiere cs3. no matter what quicktime-codec I am trying to render to, the audio seems to be a few frames behind. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know...
  10. Currently there is no standard for HDTV in europe. The EBU (European Broadcasting Union) recommendes 1080p/25 for movie productions, and 720p/50 for sports and everything with fast motion. But in contrast to that, the BBC for example just accepts material in 1080p/25 or 1080i/50, and wont´t allow blown up 720p material. So I guess it is pretty hard to write a tech guide that is 100% right for every client. Just check these links to get a closer look at the specifications: http://www.ebu.ch/CMSimages/en/tec_doc_t33..._tcm6-59454.pdf http://www.bbc.co.uk/guidelines/dq/content...html#Guidelines I hope I got this right. if i missunderstood something, please correct me.
  11. NICE! The trick with the alpha is exactly what I was looking for, huge thanks! For integrating my animation in live action footage I´m trying to matchmove my footage, create simple geometry in C4D, map the animation to my geometry and then render it out. Hope this will work, but my main concern was the fluid animation. Now I should be able to come up with something that goes in the right direction.
  12. Hey, i really love this forum and found really handy solutions for my problems just by searching the forums. But now i ran into a problem which is not covered so i decided to register finally . I am an advanced ae user but stumbled upon this clip: http://www.lowerground.com/Movies/Swisscom_480_h264.mov I have virtually no idea how to achive this kind of effect . I tried to animate each mask point seperatly and tried to get it to work with an expression called "wiggle mask points" but the result isn´t quite satisfiing. Does anyone could give me a short hint in the right direction. I really want my animations to be organic, fluid and vivid like in the example clip above. I know for sure that the original artwork was done by one person in Illustrator and the animation process took place in another company, so i assumed that the different layers are just matted. Any tips are welcome
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