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  1. I'm doing the current session of the Design Bootcamp for just the same reasons that you mentioned, Flippy; I'm woefully behind in the class because of actual client work, but I will say I think it's been worth it. It definitely has made me look at things I do with a much more critical eye, and with a greater sense of purpose for the decisions I make. That alone has been worth the price of admission for me, but I can't say if it would be helpful to everyone. Everything they did revolved around submitting boards from Photoshop in the end, with little smattering of 3D (C4D) and vector (Illustrator) thrown in for good measure. I personally wasn't looking for technical direction since I can get that for free elsewhere. It's been the critiques of the TA's and classmates that have been the most invaluable for me. Hope this helps!
  2. Hi there motion lovers! So I just saw Mr. Langan's work on Motionographer today and was really inspired and perplexed by it, especially in this piece, Choros ( ). I know he mentions using blending modes, roto and color keys to get the effects done and it looks like some pretty simple offsets of layers in time but I can't seem to figure out his use of blending modes to get the echo effect that's so prevalent in the piece. Does anyone have any insight? Is it just the fact that they shot in a seemingly super dark room with a white clothed actress?
  3. Damn that's a lot of (really nice!) work! Thanks for sharing
  4. Matt, I think that's going to be super useful! Thanks for the hook up with that link. I'll give it a go tomorrow! And thanks Chris! I've used Bloom loads of times, not to mention the rest of your awesome tools but I never got around to messing with Flux. I'll have to give it spin for sure. Thanks for all the help!
  5. Thanks for the idea, man; I actually moved over to C4D to try and get things working there right before I read your comment. Only problem I'm having with that is that the cloth is slightly unpredictable. It's probably me just not knowing the settings too well but it just seems like things fly around a little too much. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey all! So one more quick question for you guys: can you attach form to a light/null like you can with particular using the light/motion path as an emitter? Client now wants these wonderful form lines to write on some words Thanks again! Form's working great! Now to get it to write on some words!
  7. Thanks for the thoughts, guys! I'll give form a whirl and see how it pans out; thanks for the link!
  8. Hey guys! I'm working on some quick interstitials for a client and they sent me over the following as an indicator of what they want to see in terms of a wipe element: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-video-9963821-abstract-blue-wavy-lines-looping-video.php?st=25b2d2b I took a look and figured I'd whip something similar up in particular but I'm having a bitch of a time trying to get the nice flow they have in the link. Any suggestions? Right now I'm using a light as an emitter and the aux system for the particles with a turbulence field effecting the position to get the spread and some movement but it's almost too much and too crazy. If someone has any ideas, I'm all ears!! Thanks, awesome people!
  9. Saw the second one last night; hadn't seen the other two yet. Thank for the links, man! Awesome stuff. I'm a big fan of Psyop
  10. Hi everyone! Long time watcher, pseudo-first time poster (I have asked some questions before but they're usually about a year apart from each other ) So it seems that I only have about 2 weeks left to live... at my current full time job. I'm an editor/graphics guy at a small production house here in New York and it seems that the work just isn't around to keep me on full-time anymore. So here I am, thinking about seeing how the freelance world is. I've always dabbled on the side and have a few steady clients that have said they'll continue to feed me work now that I'm a bit of a lone wolf, but I have a feeling I'll need more then just those few jobs to keep my rent getting paid! Thus I've come here asking for some advice. I would like to know how my work stacks up. I would love to get a bit away from editing and more into the motion graphics side of things. I read constantly to make sure I'm up to date on things in the industry and I do my best to practice as much as possible. I've been doing almost all corporate projects and some fairly low-budget broadcast work, so my reel is a bit underwhelming but I'm working on fixing that as soon as possible with some new personal projects. But really I'd like to know what you all, who are the best community online I've seen (and I mean that! You all are so helpful and full of spectacular insight) for this business, think of what I have on my site and whether you think I could cut it in the freelance NYC realm. Also, are there any staffing agencies/specific places I should be contacting in order to garner more work? I have friends and collegues at other post-houses and agencies who have said they'll help me find people, but I thought I'd ask you all as well Thank you for any help/insight you all decide to give! I truly appreciate anything you might have to say. Link to website: www.dmelius.com
  11. Hey AENY Guys! I love coming to your meetings, but unfortunately I can only come during the spring/summer months as fall and winter show up with fully booked Thursdays. I know you guys had played with taping and streaming (or at least posting the videos) the meetings on your site last year... is this something you plan on doing again? I love Greyscalegorilla, and seeing Maxon show off some C4D goodness would be great! Just wondering if you all had any plans for taping ever again Thanks for the awesome free talks!! - Dan
  12. Thanks for this! I'm pretty sure this is going to come in pretty handy!
  13. Thanks for the thoughts everybody! As soon as things calm down I'll be able to redo things a bit; thanks again for the input!
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