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  1. Yeah, I got hung up on that myself. I never really solved the 7evil issue and just went ahead with the fun stuff. It was just an exercise but still, I should be thinking about this stuff even while training. Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. suchatool

    Cebra Motion

    Nice. I like the fact that you used a lot of hard edge shapes and were able to keep the visual atmosphere light and airy. I want to eat that sphere too. When the "happy" music hits, it seems like the triangular shapes should be joining the party. I don't much about C4d but it seems like you could just grab the apex of the shape and move it around. Also, a small push in with the camera might help here too. It would add more dynamic movement and also increase the size of your logo. Bigger isn't always better but sometimes it is.
  3. Very good comments. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Oh, thanks for the compliment too!
  4. I made this piece to add a little life to my reel. I've noticed a couple things I'd like to change but I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks guys. They ended up "douching out" when I gave them my rates. Probably for the best, I'm tired of getting hosed. I'll definitely keep your comments in mind for situations to come. I am an Illustrator/Animator that dabbles in motion graphics and this site has been an awesome resource. Thanks again!
  6. How do y'all make sure contracts are signed and a deposits are received in a safe and timely manner when the client is a couple thousand miles away? What's ideal? What's the quickest way? Just curious, maybe others are as well. Any thoughts are much appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys! Some beautiful monkies posted here, and some not so beautiful monkees. I'd rather not deal with the "wincers" but I kind of need them once in a while. However, I will definitely keep in mind what you kind folks have posted for my next inevitable experience like this. Hmmmmm...day rate huh? I think I just may do that!
  8. Just curious about what you guys think about this situation..........So, you're on a conference call with some new clients talking through a project that is well within your capacity. They say, "We need this at the end of next week, so, how long to you need to deliver and how much $ will it cost?" You've been taking notes during the conversation, maybe you've been drawing a monkey and already have somewhat of an idea. The project needs to start rather quickly and you belch out your best guess. What do you do? Do you quickly get your shit together somewhat and give an estimate on the spot as described above? Or do you politely tell them that you have to call them back so you can give them a more accurate number? Bigger companies that pay seem to just give you what you ask after establishing a good relationship with them. Smaller companies and start-up operations seem to take their time with your estimate and probably wince when you mention your rate. Your thoughts? Pictures of Monkies?
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