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  1. I've used this technique on this production, in the tree assembling and disassembling; http://www.addikt.nl/show/i_amsterdam But you've already described it yourself, just make the animation where the logo dissolves into particles and make them fly towards the camera. In the above example I used the pFragment preset and tweaked that. After rendering just time-reverse the layer in AE and you've got your assembling logo!
  2. I assume you both mean fxphd (since vfxphd.com is a dead link)? You almost got me thinking there was a seperate vfx site run by the fxphd team
  3. It's quite logical really, the effected clones are moving through the clones that aren't affected, giving the bunched up effect. To get what you're looking for (I think) try inverting the falloff, that way they move opposite of the cloner position. In your current set-up set your falloff size to 0,0,350 and the cube size to 25,25,25 and you can see more clearly what's precisely happening to the cubes. I hope this helps!
  4. Could be, I use windows both at work and at home, so I can't help you out there.
  5. I have no idea who made this, but thanks go out to that person! Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/196339068/Organizer.aex.html You should be able to find it in your plugins/effects folder aswell, the file's called organizer.aex
  6. Updated the High Quality version to be streaming, because it took ages for me to load fully. It was probably worse when overseas.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm about to start the third year in my study called Art and Technology, it's a very broad school, covering everything from interactive art, to soldering and watts voltages amps you name it. It wasn't untill september 2007, after wasting one year doing everything but liking nothing that we had a few classes specifically aimed at Motion Graphics. Untill then I really had no direction on where I wanted to go, but those classes sparked a fire that hasn't stopped burning since. I've been working hard to get better and started from nothing, in every aspect that is involved with motion graphics, and alot of members here motivated me to keep chipping away at it. Which wasn't all that hard because I love every minute I spent working on it. In Januari I need to take an internship, and I am looking for some feedback on where I stand now. Check this one first, see if it downloads fast enough for you (it's roughly 75mb) High Quality Version If not check out my site; Site with Loq Quality version That version is around 17MB and a bit darker due to the compression, the blend fix with the h.264 codec won't work either. I hope you enjoy watching it!
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