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  1. Well, as a person, that uses the beam effect rather often, I prefer having a tool, that requires a few clicks, rather then a few lines of code. 20$ is not something that will rune my monthly budget. Most of the scripts/plugins are doing something, that can be done without them and I don`t think that render them useless;) None the less, there are tons of users out there, that are not aware how to use the beam effect.
  2. A friend of mine gave me today the link to that plugin, I downloaded it and it looks pretty interesting. I initially thought that it`s something like Plexus, but actually it`s completely different. While in plexus you have meshes, here you can draw lines between ulimited number of custom objects/comps. Worth checking, it also has 7 days test period. http://www.linescreator.com/ And a video, demonstrating some of the possibilities - http://vimeo.com/32314979 Cheers, Pavel
  3. zka11

    Shapes In Motion

    One more piece from the project- http://zka11.com/blog/article-11/shapesinmotion_part2/ Cheers:)
  4. zka11


    Hey guys, better late then never:) Here is our work from the last year - http://vimeo.com/20249835 Motion graphics mostly be Jelio Dimitrov and me, 3d - Radoslav Mitkov. Cheers, Pavel
  5. zka11

    Shapes in Motion

  6. zka11

    Shapes In Motion

    Hi there:) Since I got some requests to make a tutorial for my Shapes In Motion animation (Watch Here) and I don`t really have the time to do it, I decided to share some project files. Here is part one of the animation, more to come(as soon as I put the project files in order:) I learned a lot from the community, so I guess that`s the least I can do. Please, use those for educational purpose only:) http://zka11.com/blog/article-9/shapesinmotion_part1/ Pavel http://www.zka11.com
  7. zka11

    Shapes in Motion

    Thanks a lot guys, appreciate the good words. A sound designer is working on the animation, so I will post update with sound as soon as I can. Will see how will go my moving to Berlin and if there is work for motion designers:) If not - average quality web design is always there to pay the bills
  8. zka11

    Shapes in Motion

    Hello:) I haven`t posted for some time, since I was a bit away from motion graphics:) This is a short animation, exploring some techniques I wanted to try. I hope you like it, sound is coming too. Pavel
  9. Hi guys and girls. A fast showreel for 2009, I know about the music, will change it for sure:) So any other comments are appreciated:)
  10. zka11

    cinemotion reels

    Hello:) We updated our showreels with some recent projects, c&c are welcome:) Animation Showreel Making Of Showreel
  11. hey, I like your keying. Also most of the graphics are clean, different styles, nice work. I would remove too the part with the lotion, maybe leave just the last shot if you really want it to be in the reel. And that after life shot doesn`t bring much, too dark and slow, doesn`t go well with the other part.
  12. zka11

    hello mograph :)

    thanks all:) Leah, I agree that the logo is distracting, but we have experience we stealing our work, so we prefer to be there all the time. Not that it`s hard to be removed, but at least the thieves will do a bit more than downloading form our site and uploading to their:)
  13. watched this today from some tweeter, really nice work. I can`t say that the audio is anoying, for this type of experiments is ok I guess. dope color palette too
  14. zka11

    hello mograph :)

    thanks:) here is a direct link to our showreel http://www.cinemotion.bg/#/en/projects/showreel also, there are a few makings, if someone is intrested in the process:) http://www.cinemotion.bg/#/en/anim/Globul_paper_planes http://www.cinemotion.bg/#/en/anim/Globul_Portal http://www.cinemotion.bg/#/en/anim/Mattera http://www.cinemotion.bg/#/en/post/Nestle_LZ Pavel
  15. zka11

    hello mograph :)

    and a short animation http://www.cinemotion.bg/alphabet/
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