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  1. hi there. i m looking for an after effects script, which can run folders from my comp names, and put the image sequences in. i just have found a script from http://www.crgreen.com/aescripts/ie/ ( consolidate sequence render ), which can make folders, but the foldernames have no dependance to the sequencefilenname // or compname, which is the same in my case. it would be needed. is there somewhere out a script for this? did nt find any closer. apple script would be fine, too. have searched, but nothing found. thx in advance. :blush:
  2. hi digital angel, it doesn t cause from the "from current" time setting. this works normal. i figured out, that the error just happens, when i activate "fullview". otherwise the timeline stays as it is zoomed in.. anyone, any ideas? thx poa
  3. edit: ok, i really tested much around. i don t know if its a hidden feature with a shortcut-row or something, but i cannot change it back. maybe its just a thing with the shortkeys and the os x system..... looking forward to an answer....
  4. hi mylenium, no chance, it was not the opengl. its turned of. tested arround with some settings, but nothing worked yet.. but you are right, sometimes opengl makes strange things.. any other ideas? thanks for your sharing knowledge on the channels. poa
  5. hi all. i have a strange problem, maybe you gods could help me out! when i make a ram preview, with "0" on the numbers, i can preview very normal, but when coming back, my timeline always goes to the complete range of the composition. i have this problem since a few time. so, you can imagine: when i for example, just want to work for a small region, between 20 frames, in a comp of 1 minute, you get very crazy, after every preview, to find and zoom in again to your range. i can imagine, that this maybe has to do witha keyboard shortcut combination. i work on mac, with after effects cs3, i had this first on my "home"book, after installing fresh, not, then it starts at work, and now again on the book. very very strange. if someone would help me, this would be very nice... any questions, just ask. muchas gracias poa
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