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    Martin Ahm is a danish composer/sound designer who specializes in custom music for broadcast, TV and media production.<br /> <br />References: [b]FANTA, BMW, MTV, Discovery, NatGeo, Nickelodeon, EA Games, Oakley, Siemens[/b] + a lot more...<br /> <br />Please see [b]www.ahmatron.com [/b]for more info.<br /> <br />Thanks!
  1. Hello Mograph, I'm a pro composer and sound designer - and I thought I would like to show you my new music showreel :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av_SPqoWLWA Thanks for watching...and listening :-) Have a nice day! Martin
  2. Hello guys, Here's a new music showreel from me : vimeo.com/50674375 All genres are possible - I'm also doing a lot of TV mixes, sound design and sound editing etc. Thanks for listening! :-) Best, Martin Ahm See ahmatron.com for more info.
  3. Hey guys, If you need music for your project - please check out my website: www.ahmatron.com I'm a pro composer and my references are: FANTA, BMW, MTV + a lot more. Looking forward to be hearing from you. Thanks, Martin
  4. Hey guys! My website has been updated with a new design and so has the music library with more than 80 tracks! -> www.ahmatron.com Thanks! Martin
  5. Hey Vozzz, Thanks for listening! I just checked out your website...you have some nice stuff too! You're always welcome to write and ask... :-) Thanks Martin
  6. Big News! New search function on www.ahmatron.com Now you can choose between genre and moods - so it's a lot easier to find the right track. Thanks Martin
  7. Hey again, If you have any questions about prices, genres, media, deadlines etc etc just PM me or send a mail to martin (ad) ahmatron.com Martin
  8. Music for a FANTA commercial

  9. Hey guys, I'm a pro composer and I would to offer my services. All genres are possible. References: EA Games, Fanta, MTV + a lot more (TV, games, web etc). See and hear more: www.ahmatron.com Thanks Martin
  10. Update: client section, available music and video section Thanks Martin
  11. ...or you could visit my web site: www.ahmatron.com I've been working on computergames (AAA), movies, broadcast, commercials, foley...motion graphics etc.. Thanks Martin
  12. Martin_ahm


    Hello, My name is Martin and I'm a pro composer looking for some awesome motion graphics to score You can check out my website here: www.ahmatron.com and please feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions. Thanks Martin P.S. I'm not sure this is the right forum for this post....
  13. Hi Justin, Maybe I can help you with the music Check out my website and drop me a mail if you like what you hear Thanks :-) - Martin www.ahmatron.com
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