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  1. Hi, only making a little bump to this. If anyone can take a look at my reel, i appreciate i'm looking for the most feedback i can. It was my first reel, and since i work on a basis of Digital and motion work mostly for the web (website intro, rich media banners) i'm trying to get the most advice's i can, so i can go further in the motion field. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply , sbmotiondesign I agree with you, i need to start trying to add more camera and depth. I'm too used for creating stuff that will be used also as static image or in web banners, that sometimes get to much stuck to that "rigid" format, and don't play with camera. That's something that i need to try to improve (among the rest off course ). Thanks
  3. Hi, i want to ask you guys what you thin k about my showreel. A bit of background. Five years ago i started to work as a digital designer, but in the first months i became a kind of digital designer (web) flash animator/motion designer, regarding the of job the accounts give me. Now i´m thinking to move country (to uk) and also try to find a job in the motion design industry there, or at least a job where i can do some motion design, since its what i would like to do everyday. I have compiled the showreel, my first one, to send to some recruitment agencies that i have contacted. In the reel, i have only put motion work in it, and none of the flash/design (web), since my goal is motion design. What to ask you guys, a sincerely opinion about it, so i can improve my next reel/work and dont do the same mistakes in the future. Reel Link: https://vimeo.com/51882462 My portfolio: http://www.danielgomes.tv Thanks for your time
  4. Hello, its the first time im posting here, and it will be a question that its turning my head arround and give me headchakes... i m trying to achieve an effect like if in a stadium de crowd turns an cardboard with one diferent image in each side. In cmivfx theres one dvd tuts explainig some techincs in fusion to obtain that effect, but i was looking for a solution to do it in maya, because i tryed the technic in the dvd, but cant control the tow side texture of the cards (im a noob in fusion). My main problem is how to put the 2 texture files in so many squares, cuting texture for each square is to much pain... i need about 10000 animated squares turning. Anyone can help? I also tried in AE, but cant get the right result. In fusion i like the result, but cant control the image in each side of the box/card. I want the "cards" to have/form 2 diferent images, one in the first side, and to have another in the second side of the card/plane. Thanks in advance, sorry my bad inglish. Cheers
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