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  1. Okay so a question and maybe I missing something here... How do we import the rendered multipass files with this new cineware in a stacked workflow like the old plugin would do? For a heavy job I don't want to work with the cineware version I want the renders I did to show up in ae. When I hit extract it only gives me the camera data and lights/obj buffers. Then I have to manually import all the renders put them in the right order etc. There has to be a way to just use the old way right? I looked for an updated plugin for AE cc on the maxon site with no luck. So in the mean time I'm using the one for cs6 which works but i get 3 error messages every time I launch AE. So just curious if I'm missing some trick with AE cc to basically do what the old plugin would do import all the scene data and renders? Any one having this issue too?
  2. So looking for a little help. I would like if possible to render out multipass only which I am fairly competent but can't seem to figure out how to have the back ground be included. So far the only way I can get it to work is by adding the rgb back at the bottom but then I'm adding all the multipasses back on top or doubling it. I'm sure someone has had this problem before any ideas how to get that background in the multipass so it's not just black? Thanks! beyla
  3. puttn' me to shame douwe, nam son:) Sorry for all the trouble but I'm glad you pointed it out. I was just over thinking it the whole thing.
  4. okay let me try to explain one more time. Thanks for trying to help. So when you open the project and you see the bars moving up and down you will notice they pause for a second then start up again then stop before the end of the timeline. This was not the desired fx. What I was hoping to do was to have them move up and down then stop without the slowing down in the middle which is acutally going backwards. So basically imagine they are moving up and down then they come to a stop alomost like car engine pistons moving then coming to a rest. The issue I'm hung up on is that when I adjust the parameter to slow them to a stop there seems to be no way around this changing of direction. Make sense?
  5. Thanks Base 80, but maybe I'm not explaining the problem clearly. I'm trying to have the bars go up and down and then come to a rest or "stop" in a smooth manner. Currently if I try to animate this down I get a strange effect where the randomness reverses the animation while slowing down. This problem is visible in my project I post. Let me know if that makes sense. Thanks!
  6. Hey out there, really stuck on this noise shader. I'm trying to do what I thought would be simple... I have a mograph cloner with some bars animating up and down with noise. I'm trying to make them come to a stop, but what is happening is the animation reverses before stoping not the desired effect. I have tried using a random effector to but have the same issues. I've attached a file to check out. If anyone knows what's up I would appreciate some help. Thanks. My link
  7. yeah I think tracers are great but in this situation I need to keep have the lines form a flat graph with evenly spaced lines so that is why I'm using the cloner set up and not tracers. Still need to sort out how to animate them on, right now they are just waving using a noise deformer... just trying to add another level of animation to have the lines animate and connect.
  8. Hi I'm trying to animate some lines that connect to dots tighter on a mesh plane type object. I have the set up working nicely with mograph but I'm wondering if there is a way to have them connect the dots instead of having having them all on or off. I've experimented with a random effector and step effector with limited results they just pop on. Any help here would be awesome just trying to make this set up animate on and have the dots be there and the line draw on and connect to form this shape here is a link to my project. Thanks! project
  9. Okay so I figured out the problem I had my render particle count too low... it was like 20 and the preview count was 4000. That fixed it. Thanks for the tips Monkey about the baking tag I didn't realize it made the file so big. Think I'm good for now. thanks again.
  10. Ha, sorry about the file being so large. I tried baking the particles thinking it might render. The real issue is I don't want to emit anything but rather just use the particles to drive the animation. It is working just fine as a playback in the viewer. But when I render it there is no animation. Should I add some particles to render and then tag them so they are not seen by the camera? It just seams weird to me that it works in the viewer but not when rendering. Sounds like you might have a solution, Monkey. Any help as always appreciated. thanks!
  11. hello, I'm experimenting with using the shader effector in mograph in combination with an emitter to drive some random animation. All is looking good in the viewport but when I go to render nothing is animating? I've tried adding a bake tag to the particles as well with no luck. I'm using a mac and c4d version 12. I'm attaching the project for anyone to check out. Would appreciate any tips here! My link
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to get some animated origami going in c4d and am kinda stuck. I have attached a file that I quickly rigged but you will notice when you fold the bones the paper does not act as it should. I can do simple folds but when they involve diagonal or double folds some areas don't move while others do. I'm not to familar with weighing but for some reason I think that is what the issue is. Here is my file any sugestions to get it folding correctly would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys. My link Also here is a link of what I am trying to achive as far as how the paper is folding. http://vimeo.com/8475268
  13. beyla

    spline morph

    hey thanks both of you this is helpful. I will try to check out the spline morph tag and your quicktime looks great but I don't know how to replicate that. I will try some experimentation. Thanks again.
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