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  1. A big thanks to you. This is really helpful, hopefully i can return the favour one day!
  2. ah great stuff basilisk, would it be too much to ask to upload the ae file? I tried playing with the options but can't get it to completely bend in the way you have achieved.
  3. Ah had a an idea that you meant 3d but wasn't completely sure. Thanks for the quick render, i see where you are headed at, is that c4d? But can this be done purely in after effects or maybe using illustrator to give the text a direction?
  4. Thanks Blain: tried out cylinder but it makes it too "round" if you notice theirs har a certain curve. Stoiqa: Im not following the arc spline , would you mind to elaborate? Also if i wasnt clear im refering to all the text bending like a wall of text just before the price.
  5. Hi guys, im new here, and also somewhat new to AE Im trying to figure out how they did this, http://frame.dk/#/WORK/109 (it's towards the end where the text bends and reveals the price) how did they bend the text? i tried out every distort effect and havent achieved the wanted effect as of yet. Also how did they do the text reveal? looks like two layers delayed with some transparency/transition. thanks in advance
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