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  1. I disagree, I think certain programs have a very deep and active alumni network and update and share those contacts with recent graduates. There's no way you can cultivate that amount of contacts in two years of employment, and that's worth the price of tuition alone.
  2. Even if you get the OK from Yorke himself, it doesn't mean you have all the rights necessary to play a particular song, actually many artist don't own the rights to their own music. In a song used for piece of media, there's usually two kinds of rights you have to deal with, mechanical rights which have to do with the recording itself, and the performance rights which is the royalties you pay to the performer(s) on the recording. BMI is the major entity for licensing, and you probably will have to deal with another clearinghouse because it is not a one stop shop. Prices vary with amount of audience and number of impressions, I know BMI has a new media side that deals with all of that. Honestly I wouldn't worry about it, but if you're serious about obtaining a license of a song for your reel, I would have a chat with a copyright lawyer.
  3. One of my first CD's coming out of college said to me once, "If you fancy yourself as an artist go and make art, but don't expect to do it here." Hard lesson to learn.
  4. I'm surprise that someone in charge of marketing your shop ignores the demands of your audience. Decision makers have to attend countless meetings, post, brain storming, color grading, and audio sessions, pre-pro meetings, productions meetings, scout locations, supervised shoots, prepare materials for presentations, develop storyboards, and sort through dozens of reels for the next project. Sometimes all in a given week if your juggling multiple projects, that is especially true if you're part of a small team. Your shooting yourself in the foot if you don't provide the largest amount of pertinent information in the shortest possible time. 30 sec is really all I need to put you in or out of the shorlist, with directors 3-4 spots max. Not saying all reels should be 30 seconds, just that the reality of the situation is that decisions are made under tremendous time constraints and that you should facilitate the decision making process as much as possible. That's just my experience and opinion on the subject.
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    Did you know

    Out-computing doesn't mean out-smarting, it just means they can do more calculations in any given time than humans can, that's it. Kasparov vs that big dumb computer comes to mind. The fact is that, can openers or not, our society has become highly dependent on computers, and if slow dumb machines can impact our lives they way they do now, just imagine how they will impact it when they become even faster dumb machines. I'm not debating the intelligence factor, nor do I think the video aluded to that, I'm debating that the computational power quote is indeed a significant statement. A lot of research is being conducted on computing and programing on a molecular level. One dimensional nano devices are a reality, two dimensional ones will come very soon, a nano machine is another story. It is the next frontier and one that requires advances in physics, chemistry, and engineering, but if those advances do come there's no question that super computers could use DNA as software the same way humans do, or even more efficiently. But even if those advances don't come, limited DNA computers exist today, which is proof that DNA material can be used for computational purposes. Just by the size factor alone, DNA computing can have an even bigger impact on society than the silicon chip did. There's an inverse relationship between size and rate of change when it comes to technology. And I think exponential rate of change is the central idea in this piece.
  6. Solid work, it's a bit long IMO. I think you can shorten it by at least half the current length and still deliver. I just don't think people have the patience to sit through a 3 min reel anymore, especially since I can get a good idea of the kind of work you do after 90 sec.
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    That's not dodgy, it's a bit misleading, but not dodgy. First I think the figure has been adjusted for inflation. Second, it's comparing it to today's world population. According to Moore's law it will happen this century, and it will out-perform today's human ability in many ways. Just like a $1000 computer out-performs the human brain in certain tasks today, it calculates 1732 much faster than you can for example. That may not mean much, but I bet you're happy that inefficient software does all the computations in a particle system. Moore's law does have its limitations, but for now it is a widely accepted premise and one that is believed to be sustainable until at least 2029. I suspect we will see some significant advances in molecular level computing, such as DNA computing, or even quantum computing by then.
  8. I had dealings with them and won't comment much on that, but I did notice that they didn't seem too interested in forming a real relationship. We work hard to cultivate relationships with creatives and producers, this is only going to make it harder.
  9. Here's a good piece on the Obama Economic Brain Trust. There's a bit in there about how Krugman is viewed inside the circle.
  10. It does sound like we're going to have to front a lot more of the cost without any guarantees. Never liked Omnicom, not when I worked for them and not now. They always pull stuff like this, strong-arming their way into all kinds of agreements.
  11. I'm going to say that it may help with the transition into motion design, or with editing, but it doesn't give you a clear advantage as far as creating work is concern. I come from a moving picture background and I think that gave me a stronger foundation than music. Color theory, visual rhythm and tempo, composition, image systems, storytelling(real storytelling not the beginning, middle, and end type,) ect, ect... was something I was very familiar with. All I had to do is work on the graphical and typography side. My brain was trained to observe natural motion, which is far more helpful than any kind of artificial rhythm pattern. Not that the former is not helpful, buth rather that if your able to emulate real life motion on a screen it will be more convincing than something that moves to a groove. I found it to be a very easy transition, I didn't have to create metaphors to help me understand the key concepts, which in term help me focus on learning the tools. To speak in music jargon, audio functions very much like chord progressions do in songs, it is there to support the message, so it should fit the images not the other way around. Obviously music videos are different beast, but the same principles of film making apply.
  12. Albert Omoss is right, if you can't justify your decisions your not designing. I would start with a clear statement about what it is that you're trying to communicate, what do you want your audience to walk away with. Formulating a brief may be a good way to go. Pay attention to the details you have some typos.
  13. WAMU's holding company is also on a litigation war path. It's shaping up to be a United State Of America vs Wall Street banks battle, maybe there will be some ball kicking then. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nati...799_wamu22.html
  14. I kinda torn about this. I see how he pushes buttons but then I don't take any of his stuff personally. His style is straight up Sasha Cohen, so maybe it's not the best forum for his antics but he poses some very good questions. Take a look at his handle for pete sake, can you see him sharing one with W. If you can't ignore him or play along then you got a problem and are unable to accept other people's point of view, however different it is from yours. Don't expect everyone to be cordial or even respectful, not everyone is like you, why expect anything from anyone? The way I see it most of us failed the test of democracy, unable to make lite of our own selves and caught up in our own self importance. So why should he/she suffer because some of us are unable to apply some critical thinking? Might makes right seems to be your answer to his MO of agent provocateur. The web is supposed to be democratic but this strikes me as fascist.
  15. Who said China won't buy any more treasuries. Listen up and learn how the big boys depreciate their currency to bankroll stymulus. Fallenagel003 the link is dead.
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