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  1. Thanks Dave! my question mark key does not work on my laptop lol time for a upgrade i think. I appreciate the comments also on my own creative. My reel is super old too and am in the process of updating hard to find the time for ourselves as artist sometimes. Its easy to level out at a company as a salary employee because there are really lame projects to fill in the one or two peices that are reel worthy, i just want to keep pushing myself in 3D packages, animation techniques and design. It seems like i have to keep taking on new company's to get not only get the better projects but the better pay. Maybe that is a result of me improving every year while my companies are keeping to the same clients and not gaining clients and work.
  2. I was wondering what people think of the culture of motion graphics artist are when it comes to jobs and how many people have. To be specific do people just look at creative work and don't really care how long you have been at jobs. Also do you think people should give a company or a ad agency at least a year before moving on even if they have a better offer with pay and creative work, and if the answer is yes how many times do think you should be able to do that. This topic is to get a better understanding about the culture of our work. Thanks for reading and look forward to some opinions.
  3. ok i am working on this intro for one of my projects for my reel and i am having problems with the material coming out spotty with black on the text see picture below. At first i thought it was GI setting or something to do with samples and not enough but i have tried everything. It only does it on the last few frames, but not on the mograph animation. Any suggestions and thoughts would be great so i can slove this problem. I have attached the links below so you can see the problem Right Way Right Way Wrong Way Wrong Way
  4. holliday7

    Student Reel

    solid reel!!!!! hey are you graduating with me your work looks like i have seen it before?
  5. thanks for the reply. Yeah taking those ideas you listed would make my reel more solid. I do those for VFX work so maybe should apply them to MG. Which artist are you referring to when you say meyers and do you have any links so i can look at the work?
  6. thanks for the reply all the type is just regular type font. I did Kerning and adjusting accordingly but did not skew it. Do you have any specific areas where it look wrong?
  7. I graduate from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh I have the splash page within the site because people might not understand how to navigate back to other things in my site even though its listed. Its just a back up link in my site.
  8. This is my current work still working on some more stuff. I just need some opinions on my work what you like and dont like. Thanks for you time www.nicholasholliday.com And click motion design
  9. thanks for helping me out with my layout and your guys comments are much welcomed. I will do a overhaul of the website again.. lol i have done like 3 designs and seeing what people think of them. I think the red might work maybe if it was a little desaturated because peoples monitors might be calibrated different.
  10. I have 2 more quarters left in school and starting to put a site and reel together anything that you see might help feel free to comment. The reel is temporary right now still working on adding more stuff and spicing it up a little. here is my portfolio link My Portfolio Link
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