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  1. Hey guys, I just finished a redesign of my portfolio website and am looking for comments & critiques! Also, any comments on the work would be appreciated too if you happen to watch anything, as I am just starting out (about to head into my sophomore year at SCAD! I'm quite excited.) Thanks guys! I have been following on this forum for a while and always enjoy all the projects and comments that are posted here, both positive and negative. The Site: nathanKboyd
  2. hey, thanks for all the responses, all these suggestions make sense, and it is crazy that these ideas didn't occur to me before! My next video will be much better with these comments, thanks guys.
  3. boyd

    New portfolio

    I just feel like too much of the work are remakes of the VCP tutorials, and some of it isn't even as good as the tutorials themselves (sorry). If anything, take the lessons and apply them to some projects, even make up some theoretical projects if you need to!
  4. boyd

    Knarfie 2009 Reel

    man, fantastic stuff. Your work is so diverse! I hope to do stuff like that someday. Good job man. Also, great simplistic site. Like above, I love the grid background!
  5. Here is something else I finished and would like some feedback on if it is not too much trouble. It was to be a short bumper intro that animated the logo of a children's ministry at a local church. This was before i had access to After Effects, and I was using Motion from Apple's Final Cut Suite.
  6. thanks, those are some good points that I hadn't really thought of before. They seem obvious now, so thanks guys. And you didn't come off harsh, I am eager to get any and all input available!
  7. A band (www.reviveband.com) hired me to create a typography animation for their song. Here is the first one that I have finished. Although I will only be making minor changes, I would love to hear your input so I can incorporate the ideas into my next project for them. Currently I am in my 2nd quarter at SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design), and I am very eager to get into my major classes (I want to study Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics). Anyway, that's it. Portfolio Site: nathanKboyd
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