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  1. This project was an extra-curricular piece that was created at CCAD with guidance of CCAD Faculty, Ologie, and Rob Burton VP of Technology at Starz Animation. The objective was to give students, of all majors and years, experience in a motion-based production pipeline packed into a one month time line. This years "client" was our own school, The Columbus College of Art and Design. Ologie, responsible for the current branding of CCAD, started the project off with there branding guidelines and the task of finding a way to represent the students of CCAD in a multi-media piece. To create a pure statement the directing team decided to have the piece presented by students and their own art. Students from all majors and years were interviewed and Process, Inspiration, Experience, and Lifestyle were four topics that were derived. From these, the artists Process was chosen as the piece to be created. A month later this piece would be presented, critiqued, and then further refined to get to the point that it is at now. Let me know what you think! >>>>>2009 Pipeline Project
  2. Erich

    First Design Reel

    Thanks, for the replies! I haven't done a piece in awhile that is only type, which is sad because they are a lot of fun. I'll have to add that to my list of projects this summer, thanks!
  3. Erich

    First Design Reel

    This is a reel complied of personal projects that I've toyed with in the past 7 months or so. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts or ideas on how to improve it, and what perhaps I should explore next. Thanks! http://vimeo.com/5173576
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