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  1. @RVA8 Yep, got it. I've trimmed my track down fairly neatly to 50secs - I'll hack my reel down to that........I'll post up when I've got something to show. Thx again.
  2. @RVA8 Thanks for the comments - really appreciate it. 50% sounds savage but I checked out your reel - great reel btw, lovely,lovely work - and I see what you mean, it definitely works. Thx man!
  3. Great work! Lovely animation ideas throughout to illustrate the script. I felt that you could tell that the script and animation had been developed symbiotically. I've worked on jobs like this where the script is dumped on the designers/animators to illustrate - it's really hard, especially if there's lots of corporate jargon - the end product never flows as well. How did you find Newton? I've heard it's great fun and really quick. My only tiny criticism would be that I was surprised you just cut 'Genius' in halfway through. In such a smooth flowing piece it jarred slightly but then maybe that was the point?
  4. Hi All, Recently updated my reel - first proper re-edit I've done in 3 or 4 years - found it quite tough properly starting from scratch and breaking away from edited chunks from the old reel. Maybe I could have made it 10-20 secs shorter? Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. I'd love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, maybe even compliments (!) to learn from or bear in mind for the next time I update the reel. Also just wanted to get it out there in the public domain! I know the music's not going to be to everyone's taste but I love high-tempo reels (a la Justin Harder 2003 or Danny Yount's drum'n'bass 2010 reel - which disappointingly I see he's deleted from his vimeo account - dead links EVERYWHERE online!) and I think it's important to have something you like in your reel rather than what's going to please a corporate palette. Pure DARKNESS isn't for everyone! I have already had one negative comment from a corporate client, an older gentleman, about the audio but it's not stopped him arranging a meeting.... I've gone for the old wisdom that you should put your strongest work at the start, the middle and the end. Also, I prefer grouping clips from a job together in 1 go rather than spreading them out throughout the edit. I think I feel like I'm being cheated a bit when I see that in other people's reels (although forgivable if it's obviously a young person just starting out) but it would be interesting to hear what others think.... Thanks in advance... Mooschool Showreel 2014 Nick Maroussas www.mooschool.co.uk
  5. You should be proud, Microdot - I was given 'Kid' as a reference for a documentary project that I worked on many moons ago. I'm with anothername in believing it to be the film that started the parallax style. However, one of my favourite 2.5D parallax sequences has to be Magnus Engfors' 'Suddenly' - - from around 2008/2009 I think.
  6. mooschool

    Intro sequence

    Hi Drazen, I think you've done a great job with this. I especially like the start where it lifts up from the house and you feel the depth being introduced - very slick and it really draws you into the animation. My only, hopefully helpful, criticism, is that I would have sized and positioned the b&w photos with more variety. They scribble on and off but they all look quite similar and they're all a similar size. Would have been nice to have some very close up perhaps and make it less predictable. But really, good work - it's obviously a style I've seen before but it's always nice to see it done well.
  7. Thanks Chris, I pushed to get a midget in there too (dressed as the groom) but the client thought that might be too much. Surprisingly expensive hiring midgets too... Do let me know if you ever need help with any projects. They don't have to involve midgets. It'd be great to work together - I hear nothing but great things about you at Salt!
  8. Mooschool collaborated with Pressure Drop Pictures to produce 4 x 30" TV channel branding idents for Sony Turbo Russia. Here's a link to the project on my website. You'll find more info on there too. I designed and animated the sequences combining 3D environments with stills photography to create a kind of faux timeslice. I won't ramble on but do shout if any questions about how it was put together. Similarly, happy to hear any criticisms... or compliments! Thanks, Nick Maroussas www.mooschool.co.uk
  9. Hi Blinky, I think your tutorial is nicely done and I think the text at the opening of each video is a neat idea. BUT am I alone in finding it incredible that there's now a tutorial on 'how to build a reel'?! Judging by this thread, people obviously do find it helpful so I don't want to come across as an old grumpy b**tard (too late!) but it does seem to plunge us ever deeper towards total online hand-holding.
  10. Interesting thread. Similar to many others, I appreciated Monovich's succinct post which I can certainly relate to my own career at the moment, particularly the NDA stuff which is becoming a real pain. Monovich's post made me wonder whether youngsters can over-think their careers to the point of paralysis. (*Reminds me of AA Milne's 'The Old Sailor' - "But he never could think what he ought to do first."*) I would tell my own sons to work hard at something you enjoy. Working hard WILL create opportunities. TAKE opportunities! Don't think too far ahead about whether it's your ideal career path or not. You need to be flexible and carve your own path. I'm approaching my 40s and it's NOW that I feel like I really need to be on the ball in terms of making plans, setting targets,etc. But I feel like I have a reasonably healthy career: I supplement my own studio work with freelancing but actually it's quite a good way of keeping yourself visible. Working in a small studio can be quite isolating. I love change so generally whichever I'm doing more of then I want to be doing more of the other! I also liked levante's post about regulating your hours in your 30s - it's definitely possible. I think it's good for youngsters to work silly hours - think of it more as fast-track training and experience. But with experience, you can nearly always get work done on time. If people are working all hours then something is going wrong. As levante said, as long as you get your work done on time then clients don't mind. I also set a margin of time into the day so although I'm paid to work 9-6, I'll work until 7 before starting to charge overtime. It just helps to avoid the appearance that you're clock-watching and desperate to get home which might get you a reputation.
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