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  1. Its finally wrapped up, let us know what you think! Escape Music Video Description: MC Subcon FT. Kam Moye Escape has been a SPILLT pet project for the past 7 months. It was shot entirely in-house on our green screen, and combines the use of illustration, film, photography and 3-D motion design. The video is built of more than 130 animated Photoshop brushes to create each scene. Each group of brushes were layered over each other or built on to create both the environments and the elements in the video. Combining animation, design and musical talents from the Denver scene, this video represents a true collaboration of local artists for this experimental video. Special Thanks to Jasper at Futuristic Films for providing us with some new cameras and thanks to our old pals at New Frontier for providing some lighting. For artist sites, please visit: mcsubcon.com supastition.com spillt.com Credits: Design, Direction, Animation: Ryan Bramwell, Chris Sayres and Brian Long Assist Animation: Jason Wyatt Music By: Mc Subcon and Kam Moye
  2. Does anyone know of a way to animate the influence of a parent on a layer? For instance: I have a footage layer and a copy of it that is motion tracked and stabilized. I want to slowly animate in the stabilized keyframes so the layer will become stabilized over a 5 second interval. I've tried to use the "ease" exp​ression on the non-stabilized layer's position property without success; most likely because I don't know if its the one I should be using... t=15, x=160, y=570, [ease(t, x, thisComp.layer("FootageStabilized").transform.position[0]), ease(t, y, thisComp.layer("FootageStabilized").transform.position[1])] Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated, Thanks!
  3. FINALLY! After a year of long hours, amazing projects, a move to a bigger office and millions of key frames later we finally finished off our new reel. This past year, Spillt was fortunate enough to work on 3 major network show packages, a VOD network re-brand, some amazing IDs and a feature-length documentary title package. We were also called upon to refresh a long running broadcast campaign for a major college. Everyone here at Spillt loves what we do and we wanted to thank all of our clients for making each project both successful and a pleasure to work on. The '09 Spillt reel is jam packed with new work, created with tender love and animation goodness. Hope you enjoy and give us a holler for all your motion design/animation needs. We manage everything from concept to final delivery. Here's to the rest of 09! Spillt Reel 2009 Spillt
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