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  1. I lost my job and have have started freelancing for the first time. I'm working on this project and I want to use a compositing trick that I think looks really cool. My concern is that I will have to hand over all the project files to the studio I'm working for. (I believe the contract I signed says they own anything I develop during production.) This industry has made me very competitive, and I've become very protective of my bag of tricks, because it's one of the things that made me a valuable asset at my job, and it's what will keep clients coming back. Handing over project files feels like handing over the hen that lays the golden eggs. Is this simply one of the unfortunate disadvantages of being freelance? It makes me tempted use less attractive or boring treatments and save my recipies for projects where I don't have to give up my secrets. comments?
  2. I need to do a shot where the camera is panning over of a map/globe. I've seen it done fairly well a couple times, but i can't seem to find any examples at the moment online. Does any particular spot or website come to mind for anyone? i know how to animate a camera over a map, but i'm looking for inspiration on how to light it, textures, style of the map, how to animate graphics on top of the map etc. etc.)
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